Friday, September 28, 2007

The Bassett Body/ Our Friend Fred

The Bassett Body
We all know Angela Bassett is amazing at what she does. She can act like a beaten down singer, a mad ex-wife, a civil rights leader. Shoot she could act like a 10 year old with a mild case of amnesia if she wanted to. But never mind all that, have you seen her body?

Angela in Mr. 3000If you havent, Stella lost her groove, go watch how she got it back. If you have, you've probably thought to yourself, "how do I get a body like that?" Well Chasity Johnson of tells us exactly how to get the toned arms, the six-pack abs, and the defined legs that are better known as "The Bassett Body." Isuggest you continue reading but dont be surprised if you feel the urge to head to the gym afterwards:

According to Harley Pasternak, author and former personal trainer of Bassett, he keeps his clients, including Halle Berry and Eve, fit on his patented 5-Factor Diet. The 5-Factor Diet consists of working out 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week and eating 5 meals a day.

Eating five meals a day raises your metabolism and provides a steady stream of vital nutrients, including protein, which helps your body develop a toned and fit physique. Pasternak encourages his clients to eat foods that include low fat, quality protein(chicken, turkey, fish, and shellfish), moderate carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats(like omega-3 found in salmon), and drink sugar free beverages.

Now that we’ve covered how to eat like Bassett, let’s move on to working out like her and getting that fab body. Paternak suggests working out 5 days a week for 25 minutes a day, incorporating strength training and cardio in 5-minute intervals. Bassett’s extraordinary physique is extremely toned and sculpted. You can’t achieve a look like this without incorporating some kind of weight training in your workout routine.

To get those killer Bassett legs while satisfying the cardio portion of Paternak’s 5-Factor Diet, try walking. Don’t forget to always stretch thoroughly before you start exercising. When walking be sure to stand erect and tall. Do not lean forward or backwards, this places unnecessary strain on your muscles. Use the heel to toe technique. Start out by walking for 15 minutes a day 3x a week, during your first week. Try to walk on the same days every week for consistency. Every week add 5 minutes until you get to 30 minutes a day. It is fine to stay at 30 minutes a day, but if you feel up for it you can add additional increments of 5 until you reach a time limit you are comfortable with.

Now you have the tools to getting that Bassett Body, but don’t forget it takes more than knowledge it takes motivation. Bassett told writer Cheryl Johnson fear is her biggest motivator to stay fit. She credits the physicality of the roles she plays as a motivating factor to keeping in shape. Fear may not be your motivation, but whatever it is keep it in mind during your quest for the Bassett Body. It’s what will keep you moving and take you closer and closer to your goal.

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Our Friend Fred

Fred, Angela, and Courtney during the Oprah Show taping
Fredrick Johnson is a friend of The BassettHounds and a friend to Angela and Courtney, but hes also the head honcho of his business Affluent Techonolgy that caters to celebrities' computer-based needs. If you're famous and you think a "Megabyte" is what a shark does when he smells food, then Fred is your guy!

Angela Bassett and her husband Courtney B. Vance are one of Hollywood's power couples, but to Frederick Johnson, they're also a small business -- and an opportunity.

He started Affluent Technology in late 2004 as a spin-off from his day job as president and CIO of Ross-Tek, a 10-year-old solution provider based in Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up, his parents worked for Don King's boxing promotion company and he had some access to boxers and other VIPs. A few years ago, he sought to find a way to meld his IT background with his celebrity connections. Affluent Technology was born.

For example, Affluent Technology has helped the Oscar-nominated ("What's Love Got to Do With It") Bassett and "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" star Vance with their personal IT needs as well as the needs of their production company Bassett/Vance Productions.

"Courtney and Angela are independent, successful celebrities. But they also have a company, a staff. We're responsible for the assessment, procurement and implementation of the [technology]: mobile devices, servers," Johnson said.

The couple is moving into a new home and Johnson is working with the builders to ensure their personal and professional IT needs can be met efficiently and economically, Johnson said. "We introduced Windows Home Server so they could have better segementation of the work stuff and the personal things like photos, music and household-related data," he said.

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In Random News... Danny Glover's Toussaint film is rescheduled to shoot Spring 2008. I guess all the protesting worked. [source]

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sidewalks TV

Here is a cool interview for 'Friends' from Sidewalk TV. I'm sure most of you, including ME missed this rare treat. Enjoy!


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