Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Angela Promotes Notorious in New York

Notorious B.I.G. - Nobody Is Invincible

In preparation for the theatrical release of Notorious the cast including Angela traveled to New York last week for promotions. Above is a scene from the film between Angela Bassett and Jamal Woodard. Below are photos of Angie posing during a press junket and an interview and clip with Voletta Wallace.

One of the most challenging aspects of playing Wallace was getting down the Jamaican accent, Bassett said. "It took awhile," the actress admitted. "Some of it, I had to work on it, get it later."

"Certain parts of the script, I taped my voice, and I guess that's how she got my accent," Wallace said. "They sent me tapes, I sent her tapes. And I was on the set every day. So there was not a time when she said, 'Oh, Mrs. Wallace, how was that?' She didn't have to do that. We had lunch together a lot. We had breakfast one morning. We'd just chat, woman to woman, mother to mother. We had a nice rapport together."

Bassett says having Wallace watch her every day made her a little nervous, but she was also reassured. "It can be a little intimidating, because you hope you're getting it right," she said. "You hope you're meeting their standards. We all have a way of seeing ourselves, the truth of it as we wish it were. Some of us are real honest with ourselves. Some of us embellish it. Mrs. Wallace is a straight shooter. Any question I had, I could go right to her. Lean into it. It was like girlfriends.

Visit MTV.com for more clips and the full interview!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nothing But the Truth: Movie Trailer and Poster

The power couple star in another project together! Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance play a Newspaper Editor in Chief and a CIA Director respectively in Rod Lurie's Nothing But the Truth. They both play the people in charge but on opposite sides of the issue. Be sure to catch this drama thats getting plenty of Oscar buzz in theaters on January 9th!

In Related AB News...

Rod Lurie Does the Right Thing

It’s not often in Hollywood that a director makes decisions based on his conscience as opposed to his wallet, but kudos to Rod Lurie for making the right choice.

Lurie, whose latest film “Nothing But the Truth” comes out Dec. 19, says that he purposely asked Oscar nominee Angela Bassett to be in this story about a D.C. reporter who serves time protecting her source to make the film more realistic.

“She’s really one of the world’s great actors,” Lurie said. “I’ll tell you this. I’ll be very truthful with you–maybe to my detriment. I wanted to cast a black actor in that role or some significant role because I wanted to have real-world diversity, but also what’s realistic is that in the Washington, D.C. prison it’s 95 percent African American. I thought it would be uncouth to have a movie where every African American is a guard or a prisioner. ”

Plus, even though newspapers aren’t the most diverse environment these days Lurie felt it would look unrealistic to not have an African American represented in a D.C. newsroom.

“I don’t personally know of any African American female editors, but I thought that it would be very cool to sort of fictionally, at least, break that barrier. Angela was very game with that, too. I think that’s another reason why she did it. I don’t know what her exact fee was but it wasn’t the Angela Bassett fee.”

The role was originally cast with Edie Falco of “The Sopranos” but she had scheduling conflicts. Joining Bassett in this project are the film’s star Kate Beckinsale, Bassett’s current “ER” costar Noah Wylie, her real-life husband Courtney B. Vance and Vera Farmiga.

Lurie, by the way, who also directed “Resurrecting the Champ” with Samuel L. Jackson, indicated he’d love to do a film on one of his old high school classmates from Hawaii. His name is Barack Obama.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Angela Shopping in Beverly Hills

Angela Bassett was caught by the paparazzi yesterday, shopping in Beverly Hills. She was working a Fendi bag and looking completely flawless. Be sure to catch her tonight in a special episode of ER on NBC!

Angela's Derriere?

I think the French are BassettHounds as well or maybe just fans of her behind! This soon to be released french film, A Christmas Tale, shows a dysfunctional family that lost a son in the past. When their other son comes home with a new girlfriend with some extra junk in the trunk, they say she looks like Angela Bassett through out the rest of the film! Below you can watch a clip from the movie including the Angela's derriere joke and an explanation from the director, Arnaud Desplechin!

I couldn't resist asking about something you reference twice in the film: Angela Bassett's ass. What inspired specifically hers for a recurring joke?

I mean, we are speaking about such an amazing lady. You have to be brave when you write such a line because you are trying to make a good joke, and in French, maybe no one will laugh because no one knows her. I'm an absolute fan of Angela Bassett. I think she's a great, great actress. In the biopics, she is so moving. She's very rare. It's something that doesn't happen that much, to see an actress inventing a new way of showing "woman" onscreen, and a new way of being beautiful. You remember this great film, a science fiction movie: "Strange Days"? Her beauty was new and shocking. Plus, I love her butt in "Vampire in Brooklyn," have you seen this film? Great film. Great butt. And her performance as Tina Turner? Beautiful legs, too.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Angela and Courtney Together on Small Screen

Check out an interview from this husband and wife acting team and find out how they like working together, and why Courtney will not run his lines with Angela.

Last week was the introduction of Courtney’s character, Russell Banfield. There is obviously some tension between the couple and it looks like this week's episode, "Heal Thyself," is going to shed some light on this situation. Angela’s character, Dr. Cate Banfield, rescues a three-year-old girl from drowning in a lake, which triggers flashbacks to their son having a stroke. He is taken to County where they come in contact with Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards). What seems to make Russell more upset than his son; is Cate acting like a doctor rather than a mother. Tune in BassettHounds to see how this story unfolds.

Here are some clips and well as behind the scenes footage from the upcoming episode "Heal Thyself" which airs this Thursday at 10/9c on NBC.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Angela's Beauty Secrets?

"Angela Bassett personifies the kind of woman who buys Olay products. She has ageless beauty and an aura of sophistication but she's also very likable and real, a very rare combination," said Brenda Blonski, senior vice president/group creative director at Burrell who handles Procter & Gamble's African-American marketing.

We all know Angela seems to get better with age, so is this her secret? Angela became the official spokesperson for Olay in 2005 and is still going strong with a new print ad for Quench body lotion. You can check out this ad in magazines such as Essence and Ebony. Below you can also see the commercial ads for Olay Definity and Olay Definity Eye Illuminator.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Angela and the Twins in Costume for Halloween!

Angela Bassett is the animal wrangler this Halloween season while her twins keep her busy as the animals. Slater is the cutest giraffe in the safari and Bronwyn is the fiercest flamingo!

Check out this months issue of EBONY Magazine. Angela's on the back cover looking lovely in lavender and modeling for Olay! Have fun BassettHounding!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Angela and Courtney Photos and More!

Photos of Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance from the episode "Heal Thyself"! Their very first TV appearance together is set to air on NBC November 6th! The couple, who celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary in Chicago filming another episode of ER, are producing a film called Erasure together. The film will star Courtney as a frustrated writer and marks Angela's directorial debut. Its still a mystery if she will star also or when production will begin but we will keep you updated, BassettHounds!

This is the official theatrical trailer for the movie Notorious. It looks like theres plenty that we dont know about the Notorious B.I.G. that they'll be revealing in the film. Including his affairs and unclaimed daughter, plus his friend that went to jail for him. I've got high hopes for this production...

One question though: wheres the Jamaican accent, Angela? That was the high point of my excitement for this film! Check for it in theaters, 1-16-09!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Angie B is on Tonight!

Angela honors the late Sonja Davis at the Diamond in the Raw Stuntwomen Luncheon...

Sonja Davis stunt doubled for many leading African American actresses in Hollywood, included Angela Bassett. Sonja Davis opened the doors for many stuntwomen to follow in her career path. Her untimely death was a major loss to the stunt community and to the entertainment industry. Tragically, Ms. Davis succumbed to traumatic head injuries from a high fall on the set of “Vampire in Brooklyn.” Ms. Bassett payed tribute to the legacy of Sonja Davis by presenting The Gone But Not Forgotten Award to her loved ones. OBAMA 08!

Who wears short shorts?

The Queen wears short shorts! I know I'm cheesy but I love these photos! Angela shows off her American pride (and those amazing legs) in Italian Vogue! OBAMA 08!

Angela Bassett is urging you to vote early! As part of a campaign to get Black Americans in the polls early, celebrities (including Brandy, LisaRaye, and Angela) have recorded PSAs in hopes of "avoiding voter suppression and confusion at the polls." Read more at [CNSNews.com]

Listen or Download Angela's PSA recording here!
You know Angela's voting for...OBAMA 08!

Catch Angie B on these shows Tonight!

  • Watch the preview of the movie Notorious on the BET Hip Hop Awards 8pm BET
    (if you like spoilers: one of the lines in the clip is Angela as Biggie's mom asking "What kind of grown [expletive] man calls himself Puffy?")
  • ER 15.4 Parental Guidance- Dr. Banfield's morning workouts come in handy when she has to defend herself from a robber 10pm NBC

Saturday, October 4, 2008

ER Video: Angela Bassett's First Episode

Angela Bassett's premiere episode on ER airs this coming Thursday, October 9! Lets show our support and tune in, BassettHounds!

Plus: Maura Tierney talks about working with Angela on ER!

More AB News:

  • Angela talks ER, working with her husband, not working with Mekhi Phifer, and growing up in Florida at [TampaBay.com]
  • Angie B will appear on The View this Thursday also talking with the ladies about her new TV gig! Be sure to catch that interview [ABC.com]
  • Its rumored that Angie B is signed on to another 2009 movie project called Mama Black Widow. According to Wikipedia.org, Angela says playing the lead character, Mama Tilson, would "be the role of a lifetime. You don't find stories of this caliber very often mainly because studios are afraid of them." We'll let you know if we hear more! Keep BassettHounding!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Notorious Trailer and More AB News!

Other BassettHound-Worthy Media

  • Angela Bassett proves shes an Obama Girl in Denver at [Youtube.com]
  • Invisible Woman shows us another side of "Meeting the Browns" at [Invisible Cinema]
  • Rappers get respectful while driving Ms. Bassett at [Youtube.com]

Paging Dr. Bassett

(ER's Season 15 Cast )

Actually it will be Dr. Cate Banfield, but nevertheless we all know where the BassettHounds will be Thursday nights thanks to the new addition to the long running TV series ER. For its 15th and final season, Angela will join the cast as ‘The boss, the queen and the chief of the ER’ as she puts it, but the BassettHounds already knew that would be the case.

With this being Angela's first full time TV series role, we are excited but still wanted to know what to expect. ER Executive Producer David Zabel says, "Angela's got such huge energy, so much passion, force and strength, For years we've said, 'Wouldn't it be great for Angela Bassett to come in and kick asses?' And so far, she's exceeded my expectations more than my expectations have ever been exceeded before."

To add another first, Courtney will join his wife on set as her on screen husband Russell Banfield. Although the two have worked together on two other projects including a stage play, this is the first time they will appear on screen together. Personally, this is a cherry on top to be able to see the chemistry these two will have on screen.

Tune in Thursday nights to NBC and watch as the acting queen takes over the ER. You can catch up on ER and find more information about season 15 including a scan of Angela's TV Guide feature at [ERheadquarters.com]

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The BassettHounds Tribute Bernie Mac

Personally Bernie Mac was my all-time favorite comedian. His sense of ironic humor, comedic timing, and the use of the word muthaf*cka always kept me laughing. I'm sure hes doing the same in heaven. Forever in our hearts, we'll miss you Bernie. This is for you...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wayne Barrow and Diddy talk "Notorious"

In this clip the producer of Notorious, Wayne Barrow, answers questions from fans via the set in NYC. Of course I had to ask a question about Angie B and Wayne actually gets right to it in the beginning of the video. He also tells us about how he met B.I.G. and how Voletta Wallace always had Angela Bassett in mind to play her in the film.

Go and ask Wayne a question too at his blog: [NotoriousBlog.net]

Diddy is impressed...

Next we've got Diddy (more appropriately, Puff Daddy) telling MTV how impressed he is with Derek Luke, who plays Puff in the movie. Diddy (who is also a producer for the film) reveals that the movie will put emphasis on Biggie's mom and her influence on the real Biggie Smalls. Which translates to us BassettHounds as more Angela! Read more...

"It's rare that you get a movie made about you when you're still relevant, but [they] took on the challenge," Combs said of the cast, adding that he was especially impressed with actor Derek Luke, who is playing Diddy. "People asked me years ago who you'd want to play me, and I said Derek Luke ... so it was just destined. I got to see him do his thing, and it was scary for me. I had to leave, 'cause he was acting just like me."

But as much as the film is about music, about the story of one man's journey from Brooklyn to the penthouse, it's more about Biggie's mother, Combs asserted. Voletta Wallace, who lives in the New Jersey house her son owned, will be played in the film by Oscar nominee Angela Bassett.

"It's not my movie," Combs said. "A lot of people don't know this, but it's not my movie. It's Miss Wallace's movie. It's from a mother's perspective. I'm just there as support."

"Notorious" is scheduled for a January 16th, 2009 release!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

AB Movie Photos: Notorious and Gospel Hill!

Thanks to [BuzzFoto.com] for snapping these pics of Angela Bassett shooting a scene in "Notorious" on Monday. Angela plays Voletta Wallace who is attending her son's funeral.

Wayne Barrow, producer of Notorious, provided this video of the cast and crew of the film!

About 1:47 in the video you can check out Angie B on the set of Notorious with Voletta Wallace herself!

Gospel Hill

Gospel Hill is still waiting to be released in the US later this year but the film's production company, 6 Sales, has some exclusive photos of Angela and the cast at their site: [6sales.es] You can see more photos of Angela and the cast (including Nia Long, Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover, Julia Stiles, and Giancarlo Esposito) and a seriously gripping teaser clip from the movie via their website.

Angela Bassett in Gospel Hill

In other Angie B News... Despite growing controversy, Danny Glover plans to shoot and direct the historic biopic Toussaint, in Venezuela this summer/fall 2008 using nearly $20 million from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Don Cheadle and Angela Bassett are to star as Toussaint and Suzanne L'Ouverture. [source]

Monday, April 28, 2008

Angela joins TV's ER

AB on cover of Monarch Magazine
Angela Bassett, who gained critical acclaim for her portrayal of Tina Turner, will become a regular in the upcoming final series of the long-running show, ER.

The Hollywood Reporter says Bassett will "play a nurse with a troubled past whose arrival causes a storm" and "promises to shake County General's ER to the core".

Bassett's character will make her entrance in episode two (of the 19 episodes planned for the final season), returning to Chicago after working in Indonesia as a tsunami relief worker.

Executive producer John Wells said: "Angela is a wonderfully talented actress whom I've long hoped to work with."


From Simonique: Angela's done TV before but its been a TV movie here (The Rosa Parks Story) or a guest star role there (Alias). ER is AB history, it marks the very first time Angela is to be a regular cast member in an entire season on a television show. BassettHounds, you know what that means: our Thursday nights are booked! (smile)

Angela has a solid example of success in television right at home with her husband,
Courtney B. Vance, who was a regular on Law & Order: Criminal Intent for 5 seasons.

Right now ER stars
Mekhi Phifer and airs every Thursday at 10pm. And according to her character's description, it sounds like Angie is going to bring the drama, like we know she can, every week with Mekhi and the cast. Visit [NBC.com] for more ER!

In other Angie B News...

Filming for The Notorious B.I.G. Movie is reportedly wrapping this month in NYC. Heres what Angela had to say about playing Biggie's Mama in the movie:

What did you think when Voletta Wallace asked you to portray her in 'Notorious'?

Angela Bassett: I was yeah mortified (laughs). No it was a great complement, a great complement and scary because you want to do it justice and she has this accent that she doesn't think she has (laughs). To work on that is so it's scary, and unreal.

How familiar were you with Biggie Smalls?

Angela Bassett: A little bit not, I saw documentaries and 'I love it when you call me big papa'. I was into that song but not the whole discography but that's alright because [his mother] said she wasn't familiar with all he was doing, all that was his world out there.

Plan to see Angela in "Notorious" come January 16th, 2009

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beanie Sigel's Love Letter to Angela

Broad Street Bully Beanie Sigel shows Angela Bassett some Thug Passion:

By the time this reaches you, I pray it finds you in the best of health–physically, spiritually and mentally. It’s been a while since I’ve seen your beautiful face, and although we haven’t met, I feel as though I’ve known you forever. So allow me to apologize if I’ve affected you by addressing you so personally in the opening of my letter. That merely wasn’t my intent.

I’d like to thank you for being by my side in times of hardship. Some unfortunate events that occured in my life forces me to reside in a residential facility a few years back. You see, while inside the barbed-wire stockade, I found relief in your beautiful face and bright smile, which gave space and lit up the dim gray walls it was posted on in the small cell I was confined in.

I’d often find myself staring at your picture and letting my imagination run free, falling asleep escaping the concrete walls that barricade me. I’d dream that I took you on the perfect date, out of this world. We’d take a magic carpet ride through the sky, then go roller-skating around the rings of Saturn. We’d sit on on the edge of a crescent moon and pitch stars into the Milky Way. There I would propose to you and offer the sun as an engagement ring. We would make love on a bed of clouds, fall fast asleep, then slowly drift back to Earth.

In closing, it’d be real special to have the chance to meet you. I know love wouldn’t have anything to do with it, and I’m sure that your groove is intact. :) It’d be a dream come true.

Until I close my eyes and we meet again, stay as beautiful as you are.

Soft words from a hardened heart,

Beanie Sigel

P.S. To Whom It May Concern: If this letter does not meet its intended destination, please send it to heaven, because it was meant for an angel.

Simonique's 2 Cents:

I thought this was actually a really sweet letter (if only a little cliche) that Beanie felt compelled to write after being inspired by Angela in a positive way. Its no different from D.L. Hughley who confesses his love for Angie whenever he has the chance. I didnt find it weird or surprising in the least bit, Angela is a stunner you know. Laurence Fishburne, Forest Whitaker, and Rick Fox would definitely agree, all 3 men showed to support Ang at her Star ceremony last month.  

Although Wow Jones speculated at his site, that either Beanie or Angela's publicist came up with this to promote their respective projects. I have to say, (as a PR major and BassettHound) in the 20 plus years Angela has been a working actress in Hollywood she has never fabricated stories for a PR gain. Beanie Sigel just really loves him some Angie B! And hes not the only one!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Personal/Candid Angela B Interview

Its only once in a blue moon when I get to read an Angela Bassett interview that really leaves me a little bit wiser about the acting Queen. Angie's always got something profound and enlightening to say, but its hard to find an interviewer who asks the right questions that really get "the queen to speak."

Chris Yandek is one of those interviewers that are seemingly born inquisitive. He is a journalist way too young to be so good at what he does and way too talented not be on some Entertainment show informing us of the latest celebrity news. When I read
his recent interview with our girl, Ang, I was more than awed by his ability to pose questions that not only made her think but were questions that us BassettHounds would love to know. From her new Star, to her new movie, from politics to plastic surgery. I've never heard an AB interview quite like this one. So of course I was happy to chat with Chris about the interview that he says he'll never forget with a woman who we all can admire. Here is his commentary on how the interview came to be:

Chris Yandek on Preparing for Angie B!

I am 22 years old and have been interviewing people since I was 15. It's been 7.5 years and over 500 interviews by now, but Angela Bassett left me something I will never forget.

On Thursday March 20th I was sitting at a computer in one of my classes at the University of Florida. I am a junior majoring in Telecommunications of course. I had received an email from one of my favorite publicists. She told me tomorrow she was running a media tour with Angela Bassett for her latest movie Meet The Browns and asked me if I'd like one of the interview times. I wrote back and said absolutely. Trying hard not to cheer I left my class and thought about the interview.

The evening before the interview I prepared and thought about the social issues I could talk about with her the following morning. I had never been scared or intimidated to ask somebody about anything. I knew I had to include talk of black churches in America, talk about Obama's campaign, and talked about her aging gracefully. As I tell her in the interview, she looks damn good and way younger than her age of 49. Finally at around midnight I did a news search and found out she had just gotten her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I had my interview direction and knew I would make the most of my time.

The next morning I sat up as I always do and waited for the call. She arrived early and asked again where the interview was going. I promised I'd get it out there and she accepted that. We did a quick sound check and the interview started at around 10:20 AM EST my time and 7:20 AM PST her time. The difference between this and other interviews is that it felt more personal. I felt like she was a friend I knew and someone I respected. I could also tell she valued my originality and my ability to not ask the same things she's heard over and over again. It was more a conversation with a friend and I wasn't afraid of her and she was very comfortable with me.

I think it's important to talk about a star's movie, project, but they also enjoy talking about personal and social issues as well. I always have believed it's important to get some things that are new and real out of every interview subject. It's how I try to stand out as a media personality besides being compelling.

As the interview ended I said my goodbye and I was shaking a little bit. The legends of the business leave you with something you never forget. I encourage anyone who is a fan of hers or entertainment in general to check it out. There aren't many like her. I look forward to the day when I can meet my fellow Floridian in person and tell her thanks for an amazing interview and story that I will carry with me the rest of my life. If only every interview could be as personal, inspiring, and real as that one, but I give my all in everything I do.


You can listen to the entire interview via Chris's site [CYInterview.com]

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Angela Receives Her Star


The Bassetthounds are always boasting of Angela's radiance on and off screen. Therefore we were more than proud on March 20th as Angela's star shined through when she received the 2,358th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"Who would have thought that a little girl in pigtails from St. Petersburg, Florida, would grow up to find herself gazing at a star with her name on it, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? This day is so, so special to me."

Along with this being a well deserved honor, the praise she received from Forest Whitaker, Rick Fox and Laurence Fishburne (who opened with a leap of happiness) caused Angela to become emotional on her big day. “Do you ever have one of those days? When you wake up and the sun wasn't quite shining but then it bursts through the clouds and its glorious. When you smile out at people and every face you see smiles back at you? All you can say is hallelujah!"

Forest Whitaker described Angela as "a powerful artist, a beautiful person, a mother, a wife, a friend who illuminates my life".

The twins were in attendance on their Mom's big day and nearly stole the show!

Giving thanks to fans, artists, friends and family including Courtney, Bronwyn and Slater who were there to share the unveiling, Angela expressed how honored and humbled she was. "I would like to thank all of you fans who have supported me in a steadfast, loving and respectful manner always. I am a fan of you."

We at Angie B News can only echo what was expressed by Laurence Fishburne, "Thanks for sharing your gift with the world."



Congratulations Angela!


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