Sunday, December 2, 2007

Whats That Got to Do WIth It?

Random Angie B News!

I'm getting more and more excited about "Meet the Browns" the movie and heres the source of my excitement:

Two New Movie Stills of Angela Bassett in MTB
Lance Gross and Angela in 'Meet the Browns'
Rick Fox and Angela in 'Meet the Browns'

*Ever since I've seen these pictures I've been trying to get that wavy haired look Angie's got in this movie. But my version isnt as well done. Anybody know the secret to Angela's waves? Email me!*

Tyler Perry disclosed (via his email updates at that he'll be releasing the movie trailer for "Meet the Browns" very soon. So I'll be posting the trailer as soon as its available.

Heres a radio interview Angela did just last month in Memphis while filming "Nothing But the Truth"

In anticipation of the release of "Of Boys & Men" next month herea a picture of Angela on the set of the film last March 2007:

Robert Townsend,


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