Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick AB News: TV Dates!

Be on the look out for Angie B on TV next month!

Gospel Hill Feb. 10
Available on DVD []

The BET Honors Awards Feb. 9 BET 9PM
Angela will be presenting an award to Judith Jamison

The 40th Annual NAACP Image Awards Feb. 12 FOX 8PM
Angela is nominated for two awards

ER Thursdays NBC 10pm
Angela Bassett stars every week! Series finale is April 2nd.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Angela Bassett Brought Sister Along to See Obama Sworn In!



and Sister D'Nette in attendance at Tuesday's HISTORICAL
inauguration of our 44th President- Barack Obama!!

Tickets: Pricey. Expression on their faces: Priceless ! Only ones missing--The Bassetthounds lol. Words can't even come close to describing what it means to have such an honor bestowed on a more worthy man in OUR lifetime!

Along with her little sis, Angie attended Barack Obama's inauguration with friends Samuel L. Jackson and Denzel Washington, while Oprah snapped pictures of the three leading black actors in D.C. Angela B also was witness to the "We Are One" concert at the Lincoln center with fellow actors Marisa Tomei and Forest Whitaker backstage.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Angie B: Carnivore or Vegan?

Its been a long and arduous debate for us BassettHounds on the true identity of Angela Bassett's eating habits. Some of us say she is a vegetarian who likes raw food over meat. Where did we get this idea? In every one of the many interviews we read while BassettHounding, she is always quoted as snacking on items like grapes, broccoli sticks, and tofu. Does that sound like a carnivore to you? No, I thought not, but then some of us BassettHounds refer to Angela's upbringing in the fried bacon and meat lovin' south and her previous films when attempting to prove her meat eating habits. In the film Mr. 3000 starring the late Bernie Mac, Angela no less than devours a nice big slab of steak. Now unless they started making vegan steaks, Angela is a carnivore, right? No. We finally decided to look at the facts of the matter:

  • Fact 1: Angela Bassett's skin says it all. Glowing, flawless, not one hint of greasy meat stains in sight.
  • Fact 2: Much like fact 1, Angela takes real good care of herself. Poisoning her body with yummy Big Mac's doesnt fit well with the queen's desire to keep her shape.
  • Fact 3: And this is a good one...Angela Bassett herself said in one informative interview this week that she "loves vegan choices, raw food choices" and she'll eat whatever shes has to in order to get in shape "for any one particular role."

If I sound saddened by this newly found Angie B News, its because I am. My money was on her being a meat eating carnivore seeing as shes from the deep south and well...Angela was getting down on that steak in Mr. 3000. But looking back, it was probably because she hadnt eaten meat in so long. :) The only good news on this front is that Angie wont judge us if we get in to some good ol' bacon and eggs now and again. She says, "I try to eat healthy, but I won't get on other people's nerves about it. If you want to eat bacon, I'm OK with that."

So for those of you who were still wondering, our queen Angela Bassett is in fact a vegan. A raw food, celery stick munching, vegan.

Read more on Angie's favorite LA hotspots for facials, spas, outings with the twins, and restaurants where she frequently doesnt eat meat. []

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Angela Attends Notorious Premiere

With one week to go before “Notorious” opens in movie theaters, the premiere was held at the AMC Lincoln Square in New York.

Angela, working the polka dots, attends the premiere with fellow cast mates and the who's who in the music industry, showing their love and

support for the late Notorious B.I.G. As the film release approaches, we are sure Angela will be doing more press, so stay tuned! For now, here are various interviews of Angela talking about her role in the film.


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