Friday, November 16, 2007

"Meet the Browns" Movie Poster / Angela & Courtney Set to Tell 'Truth'

'Meet the Browns' Movie Poster

Thanks to a fellow BassettHound named Aaron, we've got the first look at the official "Meet the Browns" Movie Poster! According to Aaron, you can find the poster in the back of the program when you see Tyler Perry's currently touring play, "Whats Done in the Dark". They're playing in Chicago now.

You can expect to "Meet the Browns" next year, March 21st 2008. Lionsgate, the distribution company behind all of Tyler Perry's films, stated recently that they'll be releasing Tyler's latest movies (including 'Browns') internationally instead of soley in the States thanks to the success of "Why Did I Get Married".

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To listen to a clip of Angela Bassett as Esther go to [] Thanks to Jean at Zondervan!

Angela isnt the only one set to tell the "Truth"
According to, Courtney "Brown Eyes" Vance is also making an appearance in the upcoming film "Nothing But the Truth" along with his wife of 10 years. This marks the very first feature film the couple have collorborated on (excluding 1995's Panther). We have yet to find out which character Courtney is playing in the film but if Angela is "playing" the boss of a major newspaper then it wouldnt be a stretch if Courtney were her partner in deligating.

Excerpts from "Cast and Costume" by Barbara Bradley

A cap sleeve black dress Angela Bassett wears in "Nothing But the Truth" spotlights her toned arms, lending a subtle physical authority to her role as editor of the fictitious Washington newspaper, The Capital Sun-Times. Was that intentional?
'If you want to go to war, we're behind you' Angela Bassett as Bonnie Benjamin
"If you have to show something, it's better than your belly button," said Bassett, smiling, as she waited between scenes shot recently in The Commercial Appeal newsroom on Union Avenue.

But no. The Ellen Tracy belted dress was chosen for its sophistication, which may also account for Bassett's four-inch, stack heels, perhaps the tallest that ever traversed the real newsroom's ink-stained carpet.

Print journalists, never known for sartorial chic, may smile at the stylish duds worn by actors who portray them. (Actors get more beauty help too. At one point, Bassett snapped her fingers and someone rushed over and buffed her arms.) But so many considerations influence costume selection, it's a wonder actors ever emerge from their dressing rooms at all.

The cast includes Kate Beckinsale as the ill-fated reporter; Noah Wyle as a lawyer for the newspaper; Vera Farmiga as the outed agent; and Alan Alda as a high profile, smooth-talking attorney defending Beckinsale's character. Rounding out the stellar cast are Matt Dillon, David Schwimmer and Bassett's real-life husband Courtney B. Vance.

"I get to weigh in with my idea of the character," said Bassett. "I do have power suits, (for Bonnie Benjamin, the editor she portrays), but I felt she shouldn't be mannish. She's strong enough to express her feminine side."

Angela Bassett as Bonnie BenjaminSometimes actors get to keep the clothes they wear in the film, said Bassett, which can make choosing what is right for the character painful. "Angela loves that!" said Bassett, breaking into a wide smile as she recalled a proposed outfit she had felt it necessary to discard. "But that is going," she told herself. "It's not Bonnie. Bonnie wouldn't wear that."

Read the entire article at []

Doesnt it look like celebrity stylist, Philip Bloch, just told a naughty joke?


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