Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Angela in MTB Movie Trailer!

Angela Bassett is the leading lady of Tyler Perry's newest film, "Meet the Browns", sure to be a classic for all the BassettHounds. Here is the official movie trailer for the film that features our Angie B. We cant say this enough: "Meet the Browns" hits theaters March 21st, 2008. All 3 of us can say we know where we'll be that friday. Keep Hounding!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Angie's New Role

BLACKVOICES.COM just revealed the very first cast member to officially sign on to the upcoming Biggie Smalls movie. We are still waiting for confirmation of this latest bit of Angie B News but we'll share what we know so far:

Sources close to the forthcoming biopic, 'Notorious,' the life story of late rapper The Notorious B.I.G. (real name: Christopher Wallace), tell me that Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett ('What's Love Got To Do With It') has been cast to play the late rapper's mother Voletta Wallace. Bassett, who'll next star in 'Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns,' is apparently the first officially person cast in the George Tillman Jr.-directed feature film.

What the BassettHounds Have to Say:

"I'm more of a Tupac fan myself but this'll be worth seeing just to hear Angela speaking with Voletta's Jamaican accent! I trust Angela and her choices. If she signed on to this project then it must have something going for it."

"Why not? After Katherine, Betty, Tina, and Rosa, let's just add Voletta to the list. I don't think [Angela] is going to have a problem with the accent. I am just glad to see she is constantly working now. Although, the twins do need their momma around." -Amanda

"I can see why they would cast [Angela] as Big's mom because it follows a pattern of women that she has played in the past. I think she can definitely convey all the many emotions that his mother has felt - the love, tenderness, hurt, pain and anger of it all." -Natacia

This is the "teaser poster" for Meet the Browns via The movie trailer will be coming soon so keep checking back!

Angie snagging up the trendiest toys for her two kiddies at the celebrity giveaway hotspot, "The Boom Boom Room"! Go visit Mommy Needs a Cocktail to see more pictures of Angie shopping for the twins.


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