Saturday, November 4, 2006

Introducing...The BassettHounds!

Simonique, Natacia, Amanda
All three of us met because of a common interest, Ms. Angela Bassett. We all met each other on the internet, while individually 'bassetthounding.' We became fast cyber friends because of our mutual interest and we continue to stay friends because we're just that darn compatible! ;) Heres some things you might want to know about us:

What do you 3 do on the blog?
Simonique is the creator of Angie B News! She provides the news updates, archived facts, and is the layout designer for the blog as well. Amanda provides magazine articles, scans, exclusives and also handles the media side of the blog. Tacia is the news story and photo contributor for the blog.

Why are Angela's fans called 'BassettHounds'?
We got the idea from a male AB fan that nicknamed himself, "bassetthound". We asked him if we could use his nickname, he obliged, and now its our official title/motto! Plus it just sounds cool...and even Essence gave us a shout-out:

"Who can blame Angela's legion of Bassett-Hounds?"
Nobody, Essence, not nobody.

*If you scroll down and look at the right column on this site, you can see the Definition of a BassettHound and Our Motto*

Why are you Angela Bassett fans?
Simonique- I became a fan when I first watched Whats Love at the age of 8. In the limo scene, Angela reminded me of my mother, the epitome of a strong black woman and that strength was so appealing to me. I'd come home everyday from school and watch and rewind that scene over and over again. Watch and rewind, watch and rewind (it was all VHS back then) , just trying to soak up the power she showed in that limo scene. Angela exudes nerve, fierceness, intelligence, and beauty in every single role. She represents everything I strive to be. I'm an Angela fan because shes something like a Queen without the fancy crown.

Natacia- I'm an Angela fan because she had the courage to just "be" and not perform and settle for roles just to make a buck. Shes extremely conscious of what movie roles she chooses so that we, as black women, arent depicted in a negative light. In her words, "film is forever", its universal so other people of different cultures get their only knowledge of black people through film.

It just makes me so proud of Angela for not being a stereotypical actor in this business. Character, self-worth, and dignity are very high on her list of values that wont allow her to say "yes" to anything. She doesnt do anything to dishonor who she is and she doesnt dishonor who we are as black women. She accomplishes two things by just being who she is.

Amanda- I noticed Angela during her early days, mostly in The Jacksons and Malcolm X. But, I became a true BassettHound the first time I saw What’s Love Go To Do With It at the age of 13. I am a fan because I envision Angela to be the true role model for every young black woman. She is the epitome of class, intelligence, grace and dignity; but at the same time she brings out this charming, down-to-earth type of persona that completes the circle which makes her the accomplished woman she is. What’s not to love?

Whats the story behind your self-titled AB characters?
We all had a hard time finding an Angela B. character that fit each of us perfectly. We found that most of her characters either did something in the movie that we would never do (i.e. none of us are a Tina Turner) or they did something that we'd never have the guts to do (i.e. none of us are a Bernadine Harris or a Rosa Parks). We still havent found an exact fit, but these characters come close to our own personalities...

Simonique is a Stella Payne- I'd like to think I'm Stella because I'm just that fine. But I cant kid myself, nobody's that fine. (smile) I guess I'm Stella because I'm the more 'free-spirited' one in the group. I'm quirky, adventurous, and just like Stella I've tried to let go of my inhibitions. She went to Jamaica, got her groove on, came back and started her own business. I like to have fun, go dancing, and still get my work done in the morning. Stella is also really modern, shes independent, professional, used to doing everything herself. I'm the oldest of four children so I'm bossy like Stella, I tend to rely on myself in most situations, and I've always had an old soul. Plus I'm definitely trying to get my groove back romantically...except Stella would go for the younger fellas while I'm more partial to the older men! Hey, we all get our groove back in our own way! (smile)

Natacia is a Katharine Jackson- I'm the most traditional one in the group. Maybe not as traditional as Katharine was, but definitely more than the other two BassettHounds! I'm some-what of a motherly person. I'm constantly spewing 'dont do this, dont do that.' In the Jacksons: An American Dream, Katharine is the shelter in the storm for her children when Joe is going on his rants. She is the kind soul that keeps everything balanced. I'm semi-old fashion as well. I strongly believe in marriage. Katharine is also very traditional in that she has her heart set on keeping her marriage together. In the movie she says, "when I get married, I'm going to stay that way." Katharine and I are those church-going women you see every sunday.

Amanda is a Lornette 'Mace' Mason- I am the soldier girl of the group. I am in the military, so I know a little about hand to hand combat, weapons, etc. I like to flex my muscles every now and then, so it was obvious to the group that I was Mace. I am that tough girl, who does have a sensitive side, but can take care of myself when I need to. Although I am not quite where I want to be physically, in comparison to Angela in this role, I am close. ;-)

Do you have any other interests?

Simonique- No..... LOL! Thats so a joke (kind of). My #1 hobby is supporting Angela Bassett and her work but, I like writing. I write poems and short stories when I'm feeling emotional and I wrote an article for the Seattle/Tacoma newspaper back in high school. Now, I'm a sophomore in college studying Public Relations so I can be Angela's publicist when I grow up. Thats not a joke, I'm seriously going to be her publicist after I graduate. (smile) I love going to stage plays. My mother and I try to see at least one play every other month. I find stage much more exciting than just going to the movies although I like those too. Music has grown on me recently. I truly listen to every kind of music but the genres that I play most on my iPod are jazz, african, funk, electronica, and latin music. I also love to salsa dance, daydream, travel, talk to myself, speak spanish, and read.

Natacia- Music, art. My first love was art. I love drawing and making sculptures. I used to collect keychains, that used to be a big thing with me. I dont do it much anymore, but I have alot of keychains. I like history, black history, I research it and learn about different things. I like knowing about history because it causes you to be more aware of your surroundings and cautious of social issues. I'm a member of my church choir and I love singing and being involved in church.

Amanda- Simo might be joking, but I’m not. I could care less about anything else other than Angela Bassett, but God and my family. As a matter of fact, the order of importance in my life is 1.) God 2.) Family 3.) Angela Bassett 4.) Everything Else LOL

No, I am also interested in different forms of art. I listen to all types of music. Wait, I take that back…..anything but bluegrass. Movies, Movies, Movies. I collect movies like they are going out of style. I literally have hundreds. I lost count at 836. That is why I don’t smoke, drink or gamble. A person can only afford one bad habit.

I love poetry. I try writing some myself, but it’s nothing to publish. More like a private journal in a creative form. I am more oral than written. But I do love to read (when I get the chance that is ;-) I also love to travel. Anytime my husband and I get a chance, we like to getaway and go somewhere new. See there are other things besides Angela Bassett that I am interested in. I am not totally obsessed. LOL

You can contact all 3 of us via email at:


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