Thursday, July 12, 2007

Filming News: Meet the Browns

Fox & Hound
by Stella Foster

Angela Bassett & Rick Fox
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Fabulous actress/ author Angela Bassett and handsome former L.A. Lakers star Rick Fox, ex-hubby of singer/actress Vanessa Williams, will be hitting town this weekend to start filming scenes for the new Tyler Perry movie "Meet the Browns." Bassett portrays a single mom raising three kids in the projects with a son who is a high school basketball star. Fox plays a high school basketball coach who becomes her love interest. Perry will also be in town next week, and filming will be done near Clybourn, Diversey and near 63rd & Cottage Grove. The cast and crew will be in Chicago one week and resume production in Atlanta.

*Only Angela could pull off filming two movies at the same time!


Manda said...

I can't keep up with the all the new movies and I am loving it. She just finished one, now she's working on two, and there's still more to come.....Keep em coming Angie B!!!! ;-)

Natacia said...

My memory couldn't hold all those lines, so that really is amazing that she can do that. But then again hey..remember in the book it said she could be watching tv and memorize lines at the same time!

S.Leslie. said...

I know thats wild! Who memorizes a whole movie script while watching TV?? Angela is really doing the damn thing with all these movies. Shes coming back with a vengeance!!!

LilMissDonnie said...

Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. i cant wait until all her movies come gonna see all of them. i jus need to know the release date so i can request off from work. think its a game

Coco LaRue said...

Has J. Hud confirmed yet?!

S.Leslie. said...

J.Hud. still hasnt confirmed, Coco! I dont know whats going on with her role in this movie, lets hope they come to their senses.


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