Monday, August 6, 2007

"Heres Something While You Wait"

I'm sure you BassettHounds can tell, but there has been a gap in "AB News" for a couple of weeks now. Its not because Angela's slowing down though, shes just as busy as ever. Ang is filming two more movies this year, shes picking up and moving to what I call a fairytale castle (she calls it a home), and sources close to the Bassett-Vance clan say they're planning a family vacation.

With all that going on with Angela you'd think we'd have something to report. Nope! We're still in "AB News" limbo, but heres something while you wait: a collection of random Angela Bassett photos from this year. Until we're out of limbo: Keep Hounding!

Bronwyn and Slater with their parents making another public appearance

Robert Townsend and Angela Bassett (Of Boys & Men costars) at a film-making Q & A in Chicago.

Angela and Courtney appear here with Fred Johnson (far left) their friend and technology consultant.

Angela and Courtney went to the former mayor of Atlanta, Andrew Young's birthday bash last April. Angie is wearing the earrings that Oprah gave to her as a gift during The Legends Ball!

Angela Bassett on the set of "Gospel Hill" with costar Christy Johnson

Angela donated her "Jeans for Justice" benefiting the YWCA

I like this picture because it looks like a movie poster! Click on it to see ALL of Angela! :D

Whats That Got to Do With It?
In Random News...

COURTNEY IS WORKING AGAIN! Ever since the Bassett-Vance twins were born (Jan. 2006) Courtney B. Vance has been on an acting hiatus. Enjoying his time with his wife and new babies, yet keeping his talents from us, the television audience. But the hiatus is at an end with Courtney's newest guest star role in "State of Mind." A new Lifetime show starring Lili Taylor and Theresa Randle.

I just happened to be flipping through channels last Sunday when I see Angela's Courtney all kissed up on a white woman. I thought, "he really must not have seen Waiting to Exhale" but then I realized his kissing another woman means hes working again (because thats got to be acting, Courtney knows what hes got) and that made it all okay.

"State of Mind" is a really intriguing, intelligently funny program and Courtney looks like he'll be a regular. So check Mr. Vance out SUNDAYS at 9PM on LIFETIME and just remember hes acting.

In preparation for Angela's 49th birthday (in ten days) we've got a new poll up on the site for you to vote on.
Angela's turning 49 on August 16th, BassettHounds, what should she do to celebrate? GO AND VOTE!


LilMissDonnie said...

Thank goodness we are back. 10 more dayz til the the BDay of Angela Evelyn Bassett Vance.

Natacia said...

Great Post Si!


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