Wednesday, May 7, 2008

AB Movie Photos: Notorious and Gospel Hill!

Thanks to [] for snapping these pics of Angela Bassett shooting a scene in "Notorious" on Monday. Angela plays Voletta Wallace who is attending her son's funeral.

Wayne Barrow, producer of Notorious, provided this video of the cast and crew of the film!

About 1:47 in the video you can check out Angie B on the set of Notorious with Voletta Wallace herself!

Gospel Hill

Gospel Hill is still waiting to be released in the US later this year but the film's production company, 6 Sales, has some exclusive photos of Angela and the cast at their site: [] You can see more photos of Angela and the cast (including Nia Long, Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover, Julia Stiles, and Giancarlo Esposito) and a seriously gripping teaser clip from the movie via their website.

Angela Bassett in Gospel Hill

In other Angie B News... Despite growing controversy, Danny Glover plans to shoot and direct the historic biopic Toussaint, in Venezuela this summer/fall 2008 using nearly $20 million from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Don Cheadle and Angela Bassett are to star as Toussaint and Suzanne L'Ouverture. [source]


lilkunta said...

Wow this is a long post (wed 7 may), so much to comment on.

movie looks good. I wih both rpav & big were alive. I really think music would be in a btter state.
-AB looks great next 2 Voletta. Mama Wallace looks so lovely. I c Mama got a little superstar mindset , she always is wearing sungalsses.
-I'll have 2 check out notoriousblog 4 the updates.

2) Gospell HIll
I didnt know she already finished filming. I gotta check imdb 2 c what this movie is about.

3) Toussiant
I WANT a fim about this great man , but Venezuela does have some troubles that I dont think should be ignored. So Im torn.
What is the reason it cant be filmed in Haiti?

La Diva Sim said...

Hi LilKunta! Danny Glover says he would prefer shooting in Haiti to keep authenticity but concluded that the state of the country doesnt allow for a big film production there. He says, "You can’t film in Haiti. It doesn’t have the infrastructure, unfortunately." Sorry girl, I think it would make a lot of people happy if he made the film there too!


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