Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paging Dr. Bassett

(ER's Season 15 Cast )

Actually it will be Dr. Cate Banfield, but nevertheless we all know where the BassettHounds will be Thursday nights thanks to the new addition to the long running TV series ER. For its 15th and final season, Angela will join the cast as ‘The boss, the queen and the chief of the ER’ as she puts it, but the BassettHounds already knew that would be the case.

With this being Angela's first full time TV series role, we are excited but still wanted to know what to expect. ER Executive Producer David Zabel says, "Angela's got such huge energy, so much passion, force and strength, For years we've said, 'Wouldn't it be great for Angela Bassett to come in and kick asses?' And so far, she's exceeded my expectations more than my expectations have ever been exceeded before."

To add another first, Courtney will join his wife on set as her on screen husband Russell Banfield. Although the two have worked together on two other projects including a stage play, this is the first time they will appear on screen together. Personally, this is a cherry on top to be able to see the chemistry these two will have on screen.

Tune in Thursday nights to NBC and watch as the acting queen takes over the ER. You can catch up on ER and find more information about season 15 including a scan of Angela's TV Guide feature at [ERheadquarters.com]

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La Diva Sim said...

I didnt want Angela to do TV for selfish reasons. I knew I'd be in front of the TV at a certain time each week and I like my freedom! :) But this new TV gig is seriously worth it. I love what they are doing with the character even though shes a meany you can tell we've got much to learn about Dr. Banfield!


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