Saturday, October 4, 2008

ER Video: Angela Bassett's First Episode

Angela Bassett's premiere episode on ER airs this coming Thursday, October 9! Lets show our support and tune in, BassettHounds!

Plus: Maura Tierney talks about working with Angela on ER!

More AB News:

  • Angela talks ER, working with her husband, not working with Mekhi Phifer, and growing up in Florida at []
  • Angie B will appear on The View this Thursday also talking with the ladies about her new TV gig! Be sure to catch that interview []
  • Its rumored that Angie B is signed on to another 2009 movie project called Mama Black Widow. According to, Angela says playing the lead character, Mama Tilson, would "be the role of a lifetime. You don't find stories of this caliber very often mainly because studios are afraid of them." We'll let you know if we hear more! Keep BassettHounding!


btvs87 said...

I was the one that posted the video of Maura Tienrey on YouTube and I thought that you might enjoy this:

Don said...

Angela Bassett is a very beautiful and dedicated sista.

Mad props.

princessdominique said...

Love this site!


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