Monday, November 3, 2008

Angela's Beauty Secrets?

"Angela Bassett personifies the kind of woman who buys Olay products. She has ageless beauty and an aura of sophistication but she's also very likable and real, a very rare combination," said Brenda Blonski, senior vice president/group creative director at Burrell who handles Procter & Gamble's African-American marketing.

We all know Angela seems to get better with age, so is this her secret? Angela became the official spokesperson for Olay in 2005 and is still going strong with a new print ad for Quench body lotion. You can check out this ad in magazines such as Essence and Ebony. Below you can also see the commercial ads for Olay Definity and Olay Definity Eye Illuminator.


La Diva Sim said...

I love her new Olay ad! Shes so gorgeous. I bought like 4 bottles of that Olay Quench lotion because I keep getting it confiscated at the airport. I guess you cant take "Angela Bassett lotion" on the airplane with you! Hahahaha!

lilkunta said...

@la diva
WOAH! U got $ 2 waste 2 keep buying bottles & getting them confiscated. I wonder what happens 2 all that confiscated stuff? I bet the aiport staff gave that stuff out as gifts this holiday. LOL.

I like Olay's facial mask but their stuff is expensive! Ill kep using my Queen Helene's cocoa butter.

Lastly, la diva do u notice a difference i your skin since using the Olay? I dont believe the celeb endorsed stuff b/c in reality the celebs have good genes, personal chefs & weekly facials to keep themselves looking great.

The only tv advertised thing Ive seen that works is ProActiv.


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