Friday, March 27, 2009

The BassettHounds: Our Hair Inspiration

Simonique's Inspiration: "The Short Cut"

Whether its spiky, curly, or pixie cut; a short hairstyle does wonders for defining the face. This style is fun, flirty, and fiesty. When we see Angela with a fresh cut we cant help but notice her high cheekbones, almond eyes, and plump lips. The short hairstyle perfectly flaunts Angela's distinct facial features and all while giving new meaning to the word, "fierce."

Natacia's Inspiration: "The Long Mane"

Whether its bone straight, big and curly, or pulled back in a formal updo; a long hairstyle provides plenty of options. A lengthy hairdo (plus lots of volume) makes a bold statement and still gives Angela the freedom to change her look when playing a character. The fuller, longer style also complements Angela's intense persona onscreen, making her even more intriguing to watch, and who isn't inspired by that?

Amanda's Inspiration: "The Natural Look"

Whether its in twisties, pressed out, or curled under; a natural hairstyle brings out the genuine, no-frills side of us. This do is classic and effortless. A natural style gives Angela an understated simplicity to her look and makes her seem all the more relatable. When we see her sporting her natural locks, we know we're getting "the real Angela Bassett."

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