Thursday, June 14, 2007

Caption This!

I know I'm ready for another "Caption Me" post. Heres some pictures of Angela Bassett that need you to caption them. Have fun!

#1On the cover of Vanity Fair 1995
There is one woman that is not like the others. She is sexier, she is smiling, and...she is sexier. Can you find her?

Premiere of The Score
Courtney- "I must not have seen Waiting to Exhale"

#3During the filming of the 'Proud Mary' Scene in Whats Love Got to Do With it
"Tina Turner was never this ripped"

Angela with V.P. of Von Dutch Kustom Cycles, Ron Starrantino
The Fast and the Furious meets How Stella Got her Groove Back


Coco LaRue said...

I don't have a caption, but her arms are better than my trainer's! I wonder if her rates are reasonable...

Oh, yeah, and the guy in the last picture is sexy.

SiSi said...

In this radio interview someone asked Angela if she had a trainer to get in shape like that and she said, "Yeah, yeah, I have to pay somebody." LOL!

She didnt give her trainer a shout out or anything, but I'm sure shes paying out the wazoo for that body of hers!!

N.O. Donnie said...

i love that first picture because she not like the other women. nice pictures gret post.


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