Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whats That Got to Do With It?

Random Angela Bassett News!

Angela Bassett to receive Star in 2008
Its long over-due but better late than never right? Ms. Angela is one of the 19 celebrities set to recieve their Star on the Walk of Fame in 2008. Next year is definitely going to be Angie's year, with 4 films coming out and her very own star. If you need more on this, heres the story.

Tyler Perry confirms Angela Bassett will star in 'Meet the Browns'!!

Giancarlo Esposito on 'Gospel Hill' film shoot The first day of filming for 'Gospel Hill' went off without a hitch earlier this week. First-time director and co-star, Giancarlo Esposito got right into the rythm of being a director on Monday's shoot. Even with the South Carolina heat and residents looking on, reporters observing every detail, and Julia Stiles having difficulty with one scene. Heres the story!

Unfortunately I have some more to report: This whole 'Angela Bassett turned down Monster's Ball' thing will NOT go away. Its been 5 years since that whole controversy was formed from one little old Newsweek article and today silly folks are still talking about it as if Angela was hating on Halle. I usually let them do their ill-informed jabbing without any words in response from me, but Invisible Woman over at Invisible Cinema pushed ALL my buttons in one of her posts yesterday:

Casting Trivia...

Halle Berry-That Angela Bassett turned down Halle Berry's Oscar winning role in "Monster's Ball" and then had the audacity to be pissed that Halle won (she probably thought that legacy should have been hers) and talked greasy about Halle , saying that "it's amazing what happens when someone decides to show their body?" Sour grapes, girl. By the way, has anyone seen Angela lately?

Now of course I couldnt let that go:

Simonique- Its sad that you can report such falsities freely as you're doing. Angela Bassett did turn down the lead role in Monsters Ball but that was the only correct statement you posted about her.Angela Bassett
She was nothing but happy when Halle won the Oscar, they were even at the ceremony hugging and saying "I love you, girl." I personally think Angela should've been the first black woman to win the Best Actress Oscar since she has more talent in her pinky finger than half of Hollywood. Angela never 'talked greasy' about Halle, she only said that Monsters Ball wasnt the role for her and that she is in total support of Halle.

Sour grapes are for people who have no talent or potential in their field. In Angela's case, shes just wading her time until something of substance comes her way. People with her talent can do that, people with none can only strip.

a pissed off BassettHound
I think I made my point well enough yesterday because Ms. Invisible Woman herself created a post in response. Continue the debate here: Angela Bassett Stans Stand Up!


Natacia said...

did you notice that they said "... include Oscar winners; Angela Bassett, Cate Blanchett and Tim Robbins..." EEEE doesn't that look good next to her name eventhough it's not true YET. Honestly..i think she's going to win next year. I think the moment may finally come! and im so excited to hear about her star. I wish i could make it to that event. why wasn't I born in cali?!?!lol

S.Leslie. said...

I think Ms. Angela's Oscar is coming next year too. The timing is just so right. This is so excitinggggggg!!!

Donnie said...

icant wait because i will take a picture of it

LilMissDonnie said...

people will hate on Angie for life


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