Monday, May 21, 2007

High Tea, Anyone?

Angela was honored at Victoria Rowell's 3rd Annual RFCPP (Rowell Foster Children's Positive Plan) High Tea at Noon Sunday!

You can only wear hats like these at High Tea!

The Bassett-Vance couple are at High Tea with Pauletta Washington, Victoria Rowell, and Anthony Anderson.

High Tea @ Noon
Sunday, May 20, 2007
Hosted by the Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan

WHO: Victoria Rowell, actress, child advocate and spokesperson
WHAT: High Tea @ Noon, a charity event hosted by RFCPP. The event is supported by the
corporate, business, entertainment and foundation community. The event is sponsored
by ING Foundation. All proceeds will benefit RFCPP.
• Oscar-nominee Angela Bassett will be honored with the Agatha Award, named after
Victoria’s primary foster mother, Agatha C. Wooten Armstead.
• A hat auction will feature the designs of Patricia Underwood.
• A dress auction will feature the work of fashion designer Kai Milla.
• Recording artist Patti Austin will be the musical guest.
WHEN: Sunday, May 20, 2007
WHERE: The Beverly Hills Hotel

About the Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan (RFCPP)

RFCPP is an organization that provides structure, support and encouragement for foster youth through a variety of enrichment programs. RFCPP has awarded full scholarships for fine arts, sports and summer camps and offer job placement for emancipated foster youth. Companies that have provided jobs for RFCPP foster youth include E! Entertainment, Paramount Studios and Viacom. The charity is endorsed by United Parcel Service (UPS), the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the United States Conference of Mayors and American for the Arts.



SiSi said...

Angie is so cute in the first picture! So youthful. Great post!

Donnie said...

i love all the photos but i loving that dress to DEATH

Manda said...

Love the hats!! Angie is looking Fab as always.

Natacia said...

I loved the first picture too!!!


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