Friday, May 11, 2007

Kaimilla Resort Fashion Show

We all know Angela Bassett loves fashion shows. Here she is, joined with Legend Cicely Tyson, at Kaimilla Resort's 2007 Fashion Show at the Cove Atlantis Resort. Ofcourse she was in the front row. She also was in the Bahamas to help celebrate icon Stevie Wonder's 60th birthday. "Happy Birthday to Ya" Stevie!


SiSi said...

It is definitely summer time in the Bahamas, baby! I love it! Angie looks like she's having fun. I cant believe Stevie is 57 though and still making music. :D

Natacia said...

I thought it said he was 60?

SiSi said...

One article mis-reported that Stevie was turning 60, but he is in fact 57 years old:

Born Steveland Morris May 13, 1950


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