Friday, May 18, 2007

The Vances Enjoying Disney World

Bronwyn Golden and Slater Josiah (15 months) with their parents.

The whole Bassett-Vance family took a ride on Cinderella's Carousel at Magic Kingdom in Orlando. Those two are so adorable....O and the twins are cute too. ;-)

In Random News...
(Whats that Got to do With it?)

  • Angela's new film, Gospel Hill has found more cast members and support from Fox! [source]
  • Angela will be judging Female Filmmakers with Jennifer Lopez! [source]
  • Angela and Courtney to appear on BET's Meet the Faith, June 3rd! [source]
  • Angela Bassett nominated for BET Awards Best Actress [source]


Natacia said...

oh then you KNOW they had to visit grandma Betty in St. Pete!

lilkunta said...

I found this on cbb & posted it on imbd.
RE: Random news #3
Pls send me a reminder about the "meet the faith". I clicked the link and read the article. I've never heard of this show, and the articles says it is season 2 ? BET should advertise it more.

Hopefully u record it & add it to YT.

SiSi said...

I cant believe the twins are already 15 months old! :D

To LilKunta:
If I remember myself, I'll be sure to email you on Sunday, June 3rd.

Donnie said...

that is the cutest family photo i ever saw . 2 cute

Manda said...

These are my fav pics, of the fam having fun. They are too cute!

Jennifer said...

15 months already!? WHOA, time flies!


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