Monday, November 27, 2006

The Truth about Angie!

Heres some quick Angela Bassett facts that would intrigue any BassettHound:

*While filming Whats Love Got to do With it in 1993, Angela was new to being a film's lead star so she would drive herself home after 14 hours a day of dancing in high heels and rehearshing complex scenes. Her costar Laurence Fishburne quickly put a stop to this and talked to the producers of the movie. After that, Angela had a car and chaffuer driving her home everyday.

*Regarding her early days in the film Critters 4, Angie says "straight to video and thats not me in the shower!"

*When Angela was debating in 1999 whether or not to take on the film Boesman and Lena and spend months filming in South Africa with less than desirable conditions, her husband Courtney B. Vance stepped in and told her:
"You're an olympic swimmer, stop swimming in shallow waters"
She went on to star in the movie alongside Danny Glover.

*Does anybody know Angela Bassett's middle name?? That ones still a mystery...

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