Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Three Men in My Life!

There are three men in Angela Bassett's life besides her little man, Slater Josiah. Shes got some serious love and support from these guys.

Her Best Friend- Wren T. Brown

Her Acting Brother- Laurence Fishburne

Her Husband- Courtney B. Vance


Manda said...

Hey I like those pics of her and Wren....I only have two. We know that she is always with Wren and Pam but I rarely see pics of them.

Simonique said...

Nice of you to join in the chat, Amanda. The pictures with Wren are from the early 90s. He was her date to alot of functions back then...

Tacia said...

haaaaaa I remember my password!!! OK so very nice no no..i think it's extrooodinaryyyyyyy LOL

Simonique said...

LMAO!!! naw naw its extra-ooooor-dinary!! I cant believe Wren talks like that...but you know I still got his back. what a sweety.


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