Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chatting with Courtney...

A few of the contributors to Angie B News have had the opportunity to have a little chat with Mr. Courtney B. Vance about the subject of his book Friends: A Love Story (that of course he co-authored with his wife, Angela Bassett). There was a lot of gushing about the anticpation of the book, a lot of "I love you and Angela", and even more 'God Bless' yous. Heres some of our conversation with Mr. Vance:

Simonique-OMGGGGGGGG! I'm so excited for this book! Angela and Courtney's relationship is so admirable and the story of how they make it work is well worth being told. Lets show our support for Angie and Courtney this New Years guys!

CBV-Bless you! We think you'll like the book and we are very excited about seeing the response. We deeply appreciate it!!!

Tacia-I've been waiting on this book since I heard about it a year ago!!! I can't wait, especially since the twins have MY Birthday! and the book comes out in Jan!!! yes!

CBV-Well, your wait is almost over! I know you all will love the book and get all your questions answered!!! Pre-order the book on Amazon or B & N. Enjoy!!

Simonique-Thanks so much for responding! I'm crazy excited to read your story. I have only one question: What made you, after almost 10 years of marriage, decide to share your relationship with the public in the form of a book? God Bless.

CBV-It was time. We purposely 'circled the wagons' and spent time on us because we had to figure it out first. We had to lay the foundation for our marriage before we began 'sharing.' We always try and do things "decently and in order." We hope it was worth the wait!! Blessings!

Amanda-I am so excited for this book and the fact that you decided to share your growth and experiences. You are such a beautiful couple and I can't wait for January to get here. Keep doing great things! Also, will there be a book tour? Will there be a book tour?

CBV-There will be and we'll be coming to a city near you!!

Simonique-The "early Christmas gifts" just never stop coming!! A freakin' book tour?!?! Way cool! Thanks for the news and how was your Thanksgiving??

CBV-Bless you!! Thanksgiving was nice and quiet...

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