Monday, November 20, 2006

New Inside Look at Friends: A Love Story

The wait is drawing to a close as fans (that would be us!) anticipate the release of Angela and Courtney's book, Friends: A Love Story. Here's a treat to hold us off 'til January baby!

NEW YORK, Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- KIMANI PRESS marks the New Year with the launch of their very first nonfiction romance FRIENDS: A LOVE STORY, a book that spotlights the compelling real-life love story of Hollywood power couple Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance. Co-written with Hilary Beard, this inspirational story of love captivates readers with Angela's and Courtney's separate recollections -- from humble beginnings to past relationships and on to busy careers as their paths on the road to stardom cross and ultimately meet to form their loving family. FRIENDS: A LOVE STORY includes personal photos that chronicle their experiences, along with exclusive family photos of their young twins. This compelling memoir offers a rare peek into their lives, which have previously been private, and offers the reader valuable lessons for relationships and life.

Read the article in it's entirety here:


Moni said...

O and what a treat this is! This will definitely hold me over until the new year...or until Angie and Courtney do that book tour! ;) Thanks for sharing Tacia!

Joe said...

Thanks for checking out my blog:)

I'll be back for Angie info... She's fantastic! I posted some new pictures of her a few weeks ago and she looked gorgeous.

Moni said...

Hay Joe!
I checked out your post of Angela at the BMAs. I still cant get flashes of purple out of my head! LOL! She looked A-friggin-Mazing.
Thanks for replying (and for giving me a laugh from that 'oprah as the devil' pic on your site)! classic.

Lady J said...

I can't wait for Angie and Courtney book.They are so cute on the cover.Hi Moni

Moni said...

Hay Jaleesa babe! Hows your Thanksgiving??

Lady J said...

My thanksgiving was good,even though you know this

Joe said...

Those pictures are incredible. She looks better than ever. And the purple was gorgeous.

I'm almost over my Oprah thing, since I've uploaded about 1/8th of my videos.


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