Monday, January 1, 2007

Cooking your food is so 2002

Happy New Years! This is an excerpt from a 2004 CNN interview with David Wolfe, author of "EATING FOR BEAUTY." In this interview he is sharing his expertise on the raw food diet which he has been on for over 10 years. The raw food diet is pretty self-explanatory: instead of traveling on the road of evolution and cooking food; these folks eat their dinners, raw. (Read the full interview here.)

COOPER: Why do you think it is we hear so much about celebrities doing diets like this? They seem to be some would say in the forefront of these kinds of diets?

WOLFE: Well I work with a lot of celebrities behind the scenes and screenwriter in Hollywood and I think that's what is happening is there's a buzz in Hollywood about raw food. And why is that? Because your skin glows. You feel great, you feel light. You don't have all the intestinal discomfort. That's really important when you're in Hollywood because you've got to have that edge.

I met with Angela Bassett the other day. What a beautiful woman. She's been on a raw food diet now I think about two years. And I thought she looked 30 years younger than she is. I couldn't believe it; I was like that is you. It was incredible.

*I change my mind. If it works for Angie (and it definitely looks like its working), then I'm up for eating my food...raw. (UGH.)


Simonique said...

If this info on the raw food diet is right about curing 'intestinal discomfort' then I can say with a straight face that: Angela Bassett's sh*t dont stink!

LMAO! Geesh I'm stupid. Mmmm I think I know what my new years resolution is. *try to be less stupid* ;-)

Manda said...

LOL yeah I am trying to get in shape this new year. I mean I am already cut for a female, and I already have the present Angie B arms. However, I want to have the What's love...arms. And I also want the mid section Mrs. Angie B was sporting in Mr. 3000. My husband says that’s too much, but he’ll just have to keep up. LOL That’s why I was devastated when you told me she sucked in Simo. I still can’t believe it! But if getting in that shape means I have to eat raw food... I think I’ll change my resolution while I still have the chance. I love to eat!

Simonique said...

Manda girl, I try not to think about her sucking in her tummy when we were taking the picture. I cant believe it either. I just dont see how Angela would have any problems with her body. Shes toned in every place you can be toned.

Her arms are killer, we know her abs are to die the question still remains: why you gotta suck in the tummy Angie?? LOL!

I'm sure you're totally cut Amanda. You've got that Army training body huh?? (I'm jealous once again!) I hope Anthony can handle it when you get those Whats Love arms. Thats going to be K.R.A.Z.Y.

Tacia said...

amanda have you lost your mind??? even angela didn't keep up with her what's love arms! you do that, then you need to join a body building team LOL

Coco LaRue said...

I've done the raw food thing from time and time, but it's too much for me. I'm from the South; I like my fried food too much! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Same with me. I've done the raw food thing and my skin looks so much better and I feel great, but then I get caught up in the deliciousness of foods sometimes.

Simonique said...

Who knew this diet was so popular! I'm really going to have to shut my mouth to my first opinions and try this diet out. ;-)


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