Thursday, January 25, 2007

Newsweek Journalist writes Tell-All Book

You know that 2002 Newsweek article, Angela's Fire, that totally misquoted Angela Bassett and made it look like she was bitter about Halle's Oscar win? Well the journalist that wrote that article just released a tell-all book about her experiences interviewing black Hollywood. Her name is Allison Samuels and her book is ironically titled, Off the Record. says that she'll be revealing behind-the-scenes scoop on celebs like Eddie Murphy, Whitney Houston, Michael Jordan, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, and our Angela. It hasnt been disclosed yet if Samuels will be detailing her contribution to the controversy surrounding her article Angela's Fire that created tension and talk about Angela vs. Halle. But thats what it looks like.

Angela said regarding the article, "What was hurtful for me was that certain phrases were taken out of context and attempted to create strife between two black women. I thought that maybe it would go away, but it was seized on by others who wanted to make something out of nothing. I have always been a supporter of her’s and continue to be. We spoke and we talked about it. We know."

This should be an interesting read (although I suggest just flipping through it at the bookstore. Dont buy it and support this horrid journalist). I admit, maybe the Newsweek folks pressured Samuels to spin the article to promote strife. Either way, I hope she will actually report the truth in her book.


Joe said...

A lot of celebrities are jealous and cutthroat. I do NOT believe Angela Basset is one of them. Not in the least.

That being said... most of the reporters and paparazzi make even the worst celebrities look like angels.

MahoganyGirl said...

Good info.


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