Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ode to Angela III

Excerpt from the novel “He Talk Like A White Boy” by Joseph C. Phillips:

Another beautiful, no-nonsense woman I adore is Angela Bassett. I fell in love with Angela more than twenty years ago when I was a contract player on the soap opera Search For Tomorrow and Angela was hired to play my older sister. We became fast friends and have remained so ever since.

As young actors in New York, we spent a lot of time together discussing the intricacies of the unemployment system, finding love in the Big Apple, and maintaining our sanity while waiting for the phone to ring. I can testify that she is a woman filled with grace and blessed with a terrific sense of humor and drama. Sit in the room with her for ten minutes and you know she was born for the stage. She may not have coined the phrase, “God don’t like ugly. And he aint too fond of cute,” but she delivers it with more panache than anyone I know.

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Coco LaRue said...

I didn't realize they had so much history. That is a really cute excerpt!


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