Friday, January 26, 2007

Update: Samuels talks about the Bassett article

The author, Allison Samuels, also writes about the aftermath of certain quotations that made it into print.

Actress Angela Bassett said aloud what many in the black community were saying in 2002, when Halle Berry won the best actress Oscar for "Monster's Ball." Bassett said she passed on the role, because "I wasn't going to be a prostitute on film... I couldn't do that because it's such a stereotype about black women and sexuality."

That honesty from Bassett stemmed from an informality that Samuels calls a mixed blessing: When African Americans feel comfortable with a black journalist, they may say things that could be misinterpreted when repeated out of that cultural

In this case, Samuels writes, the mainstream media picked up on the prostitute quote and parlayed it as Bassett's cruel criticism of a fellow actress, even though Samuels' piece also quoted Bassett as saying she wasn't criticizing Berry, but commenting on the dearth of roles for black actresses in general. Bassett, in a media firestorm, later indicated that she never made the comment, Samuels says.

The author says the episode disturbs her to this day, because Bassett's "moment of honesty had gone so wrong."

Read the full article here

*This explains alot. I might just pick up her book now that shes explained her intentions were not malicious. Although I'm still iffy on Samuels' wording in the article. The subtitle is "Ten years ago, Angela Bassett was Hollywood's premier black actress. What happened?"

I just dont like how she worded it and what it implies. Angela is still out there rocking each role, kicking ass and taking names on screen. I admit, its not nearly enough rocking or enough roles and definitely not enough ass-kicking. But a Queen doesnt just settle for any old crown and Angela doesnt just settle for any old role.


Coco LaRue said...

You know, I thought Halle did well in the role, but it really wasn't a great role. And the movie was thoroughly melodramatic. I don't think it deserved the Oscar. That said, when Angela's day comes, it will come. Who's to say she would have won an Oscar for it? And look where Halle's career has gone since that win. It's harder for middle-aged actresses of any ethnicities to find good parts, but I am convinced that Angela's ship will sail like it truly SHOULD one day soon. (The cream always rises to the top.)

Simonique said...

Say that then, Coco! Angie's bound to get an Oscar some day, shes just got that fierceness. It just comes down to the right role and the right role is damn hard to find.


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