Friday, December 22, 2006

Ebony Magazine

Ebony Magazine does a small mention in Book Shelf on Friends: A Love Story

In Friends: A Love Story, the celebrity couple Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance, written with Hilary Beard, reveal how they found love after 20 years of traveling in the same circle of friends. They describe it as a dream come true. “ I was feeling very attracted to her though we hadn’t touched or kissed,” writes Vance, a dramatic actor nominated for two Tony Awards and who is a recent co-star on NBC’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent. “Nothing romantic had been said. But we had been doing so much sharing. Our conversations were so intimate. She had such a kind heart. Suddenly it dawned on me-this is who I want to marry.” For her part, Bassett, the critically acclaimed actress of television, stage and film who won a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award nomination for What’s Love Got to Do With It, writes: “For the first time in my life, a man actually felt safe… I didn’t feel uncertain, it didn’t feel stressful, it didn’t feel rushed. It slowly dawned on me that true love felt calm, peaceful, so certain. I knew it was right. I could tell it would last.”

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Simonique said...

That is freakin' beautiful. Now that is what I want in a husband and in a relationship and in a marriage.

If my potential hubby isnt like "I felt attracted to her without touching or kissing her. I knew this is who I want to marry." Then I'm liable to kick him to the curb and yell: "You aint no Courtney!"


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