Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Times Like These

During times like these, when there is a gap between Angela Bassett movies and news I like to search for anything from the past that'll help with the wait. Heres what I found:

Angela on her comedic potential:
"I am so much the drama queen," she says. "So I don't think that I am funny on screen. It is such a difficult thing to be genuinely funny on screen. But I didn't spend too much time sitting around thinking, `How can I make this funny?' My thought is always 'How can I make this honest?' "

"Early in my career I was in a play with five white guys, playing Mary and Eve and all the women. And I asked the director, why did you pick me? And she said because you were the best actor for the job. That empowered me. It gave me a sense that there are some people who get it."

Angela's Future plans (1993): Wants to marry and have kids "soon as I find the perfect guy." An actor? "I hope not." (Um try again missy, Courtney wouldnt like that answer!!!)

Speaking of Courtney, Angie says: "He makes me laugh."

An interview in Orlando, FL: "I'm a pretty shy sort of person, a Florida girl, you know," she says, grinning. "I try to maintain that Southern charm." Later, at a ceremony at Walt Disney World, the Florida girl from St. Pete carves her signature and presses her hands in a block of cement as she winks at her younger sister, who is so proud she's crying.


Manda said...

Thanks Simo! I was going crazy there for a min. I was going back through my book reading old interviews and looking at old pictures. The book needs to hurry up huh?

Simonique said...

heekeeheekee Manda giiirl I've been coming on this site everyday expecting to see something if I'm not the person who's supposed to provide that something new!!

I've been watching her old movies lately (and of course reading that LA Stage interview over and over religiously). I watched Stella last night and for the first time in years I DIDNT fast forward through the sex scenes. The end comment. ;-)

The book needs to get here ASAP before we both go crazy! And I hope the timing of the book tour is right for all of us.

Manda said...

LOL hold up....why did you forward fast forward the sex scences before? What is that about? oh and i just thought about it....but ill put the rest of that interview on. Of course it is not as interesting as what I already sent, but ill put it on there anyway.

Simonique said...

O I'm so excited to read the rest of the interview from the "theatrically married couple"!!!

Ummmm I fast forwared through those scenes before bc when I first watched Stella I was 10 so I felt weird, like I shouldnt be watching this stuff, during the sex scenes. Over the years I've kept those intial uneasy feelings and just never watched those parts.

So now I'm 18 and I finally got the guts to watch the whole movie and I wish I hadnt! ;)

Manda said...

Okay I just added it to the first post.

And yeah I understand....I think. When I was younger my mom tried to cover my eyes, but I was that kid that liked to peek. LOL

Now it's no big deal I guess. But I did feel that way when I watched Monster's Ball. I don't think anyone is old enough to see that movie. That was just raunchy. But something like Stella.... I can deal with.

Simonique said...

HA! Amanda you were a peeker?!? I can just imagine you now...I feel you on the Monster's Ball thing. That was wrong in so many ways. I think what made it worse was that the audience wasnt expecting it. Out of nowhere she goes "make me feel good". EESH!

Stella was great though. I used to think Angie couldnt do a good sex scene but that was fab (now that I watched it all the way through). She was so great that I think I've developed a girl crush! ;) LMAOOOO! Ok now that is wrong!

*I hope its ok if I put the rest of the LA Stage article in a new post. It'll be easier to read...


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