Monday, December 25, 2006

Our Christmas Wish

We're anxious and we're sure you are too. This book, Friends: A Love Story, has been on our minds since March. We've been anticipating, speculating, contemplating, and just plain waiting for this book and now it seems we'll have to keep on for another two months. Valentines Day 2007 is the new release date for the romance novel co-written by Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance, but as BassettHounds we're going to ignore this and look at the positive.

We (Tacia, Simonique, and Amanda) have come together to muse on our hopes, interests, and what we're looking forward to the most in the book. We hope our musing serves as a relief from the almost year-long wait for 'Friends' and we hope that you have a wonderful, joyous, and Merry Christmas today. Happy Holidays BassettHounds!

And this begins "Our Christmas Wish":

Tacia's Wish: Growing up Angela

Wow. I have always been one who was really intrigued by a person's past. In fact, when I meet someone or become friends with someone, that is what I look forward to hearing about the most. To me, a person's childhood years are such formative ones that help shape who they are today.

With all of that said, I can't wait to read about Angela's. Here are a few of the questions I have in mind:

1.What was she like as a child? Was she shy? Out-going? Timid? I know as a child, to some people I was probably shy. But it wasn’t that. I just feel that those around me were extremely out-going lol. I was goofy, yet quiet. And in my adult life, I’m pretty much the same- until you really get to know me. Then it’s ON! I will be the goofiest person you’d ever meet.

2. Who were the people in her life? I grew up with my mother, grandmother, and older cousins in the house. So, as you can imagine there was always someone to watch over lil ol’ me. And do you know to this day, I am most comfortable around older people. I can’t describe it, but because of my childhood household, my whole being seems to benefit more around those that may be twice my age.

3. How was school for her? How did she feel when the busing system was put in for desegregating schools? I had a project in high school about this once. I interviewed some family members and let me tell you…interviews can be the best primary sources you ever look for. What better way to learn about historical experiences than from the source itself-the people!

4. How were her neighborhoods? The neighborhood experience is always funny to listen to when told by my parents, aunts, uncles and family friends. It seems like no matter what area you are in, there is always a commonality when stories are shared. “ I got whipped my Ms. Johnson down the street, then when Momma got home...I got it again!” That stuff just cracks me up.

The list would just go on and on. But there are two people whom she rarely speaks in depth about: Her father Daniel, and her sister, D'nette. Anytime she talks about her sister, it's more for reference, rather than in real detail. And, just only a few days ago we found out her father's name. I don’t know, I always like to know about the relationship between a person and their father.

These are just some of the things I hope to read about. It would be like… getting to know a piece of Angela's heart.

Simonique's Wish: The College/Broadway Years

I think the best part of the book for me is going to be...ALL OF IT!! So theres no need to go any further right?? :D Joke, joke, thats a joke.

But seriously: I'm going to like reading about her days at Yale and how she made it into college and through all her 7 years there. My interests probably seem predictable; I'm a freshman in college so of course I'd want to read about Angela's experience at Yale. But its more than that.

Reading about Angela Bassett's College/Broadway years will show how she became her own person. This time in her life comes after her childhood with a tough mom and before her marriage and the twins. This time in Angela's life is about her own personal growth and how she shaped herself into the person she is now. I want to know about the times that she was on her own and was just learning to make decisions for herself. Hopefully this will reveal how she got her strength, her spirit, her determination, and her intense talent.

Angela is a strong-willed woman with morals, nerve, intergrity, and backbone. She moved to Hollywood in 1988 with the sole purpose of pursuing her passion, fulfilling her dream, and doing it all with pride. She came in the movie industry with her mind made up on what she would and would not do onscreen and I'm hoping her book reveals just how her mind was made up. Angela's values are admirable and so I figure her College/Broadway years are the times when she was on her own, experiencing life, and developing her character and those same values.

I want to know how she transitioned from a full-time student to a professional stage actress and if she really needed her two degrees from Yale to do it. Angela says that she was one of the few actors that had no problem living in New York soley from the pay she got from acting on stage; I want to know how thats possible. I want to know how she made it all happen because it'll give me hope that I can make it all happen too. Theres nothing like a personal example of success to motivate you to do the same thing. Angela's story is motivation for me, its helps drive me and encourage me, and reinforce that its all possible. Its possible to get through college, graduate with a Masters, and continue on working in the field you desire. Its possible to succeed.

What might be the most interesting telling from the book (for me) will be how Angela, as a young person, started to go out there and date and be in a relationship. I'm assuming that she must have had some of her first dates and relationships with the opposite sex in college. Angela's said before that the best way to keep a man is to "beg him for something you know he already wants to give you. That way he'll feel hes needed." I want to know how and where she learned that (because I'm definitely using that advice!).

Personally and specifically, I need to know where to start in a relationship. When you find a person you're interested in what do you do? Do you flirt or play hard to get? Do you act shy or make the first move? Where do I start and better yet, where did Angela start?

I'm incredibly excited for Friends: A Love Story because frankly, I think I'll find some answers to lifes most difficult questions inside. I've never been more eager for Valentines Day in my life!

Amanda's Wish: Early Stages of the Relationship

My Christmas wish is to have the book in my hand. I am very impatient when it comes to Angie B and I just can’t take it anymore. LOL! No, I am just kidding. Well not really, but I’ll get on with it anyway.

I am more interested in Angela and Courtney’s relationship. I am looking forward to the early stages and growth of the strong relationship they have now. How they fell in love (especially after all the obstacles that were placed in their path. Personally, I would have given up a long time ago, given the circumstances;-)

Angela was very careful about who she would spend the rest of her life with. Courtney had to be someone special for Angela to choose him as her husband. Angela is no dummy! I mean she is a very intelligent woman, and I always knew that her life partner would be someone wonderful.

There are several male figures in Angela's life that she considers to be great friends. What happened that took this friendship to the level of intimacy? She dated on the regular and I am sure she came across great male ‘friends’ in her lifetime. We know of Mark, the Cardiologist of whom she was dating, (even though there were several interviews where she describes him as just a friend). This friend didn’t turn into her husband. What changes did Courtney go through that made him the perfect guy for her? How did this friendship grow into a love that would last?

Angela once said “You know the song, ‘I fall in love too easily. I fall I love too fast.’ If I fall in love, you should ask me to marry you within the first six weeks.”
We have heard a couple different stories as to the moment they fell in love. Did she treat him as any other friend at first? Or was she attracted to him from the beginning and just wanted to take it slow?

Her journey with Courtney starts off with meeting him in college and thinking he was ‘a nice brother.’ (At the time Courtney had a girlfriend, so he was off limits and I understand that) Then later on they meet up again and deciding to go on a date. Due to the fact they were both extremely shy, it just doesn’t work out. You would think that after these incidents she would just give up on a relationship with the man. But, then something clicks and it‘s “For the first time in my life, a man actually felt safe… I didn’t feel uncertain, it didn’t feel stressful, it didn’t feel rushed. It slowly dawned on me that true love felt calm, peaceful, so certain. I knew it was right. I could tell it would last.”

I married at a young age. My husband and I have known each other all our lives, but it took us awhile to realize we were in love. Knowing that we liked each other while dating other people, only led to this constant recognition that something was missing. Then finally we realized we needed to stop wasting time trying to find something we already had.

So I guess the main thing I want to get out this book is ‘what does Angela have in Courtney?’ And then I think back when Angela was asked what she was looking for in a man and she said, “Someone who’s honest with you, with himself. Someone with integrity. Someone who comes out and tell me what he wants, that he loves me, cares about me, makes me laugh.”

At the moment I realize she has already answered my question. Now all I can do is wait patiently and look forward to my Christmas wish coming true!

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