Saturday, December 2, 2006

Its a Hit at Walmart

The Bible Experience is a full-fledged audio production of the New Testament, but the folks voicing the likes of Jesus, Mary, the angels, and even God are all too familiar. The dramatized version of the Bible is read by numerous black celebrities grateful to profess their faith including Samuel L. Jackson, Blair Underwood, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Angela Bassett. The Bible Experience has been at #1 on the top Walmart sellers list for months now which is no surprise because black folks love them some Jesus!

I bought the damn thing, from Walmart of course, and I say its definitely one to pick eBay. You'll want it for your collection, but at that price. Dont buy it for full price if you already know the Bible. Its ideal for people who havent gotten all the way into the good book or would rather listen to it than read. This might help you decide on whether to purchase it: Angela talks about the Bible Experience and her faith.

Angie is very...dramatic in the readings and its easy to tell shes passionate about the subject. Everybody else is on their A-game as well. Hooting, crying, shouting, and hollering; trying to act their way up to heaven and they should make it too. You'll have a hell of time figuring out which voice belongs to which actor, but enjoy the word as it is in The Bible Experience folks.

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