Friday, April 27, 2007

Gospel Hill: New Angela Bassett Film!

Angie will be playing Ava Malcom in the upcoming film, Gospel Hill. Ava is a married woman fighting for local civil rights while her husband has turned his back on the movement. The film is going into pre-production next month and is still casting main characters. Gospel Hill plans to start shooting in So. Carolina in early June 2007.

Gospel Hill Synopsis from

Gospel Hill takes place in a small southern town where years ago a local civil rights leader, Peter Malcom, was assassinated. In the years since then his brother, John Malcom (Danny Glover), has drifted into seclusion, turning his back on the movement. Meanwhile, his wife (Angela Bassett) has continued to fight for what is right. Battling the local doctor (Giancarlo Esposito), who is spearheading a movement to displace much of the town's African American community to make way for a large development.

The man who was sheriff at the time of the assassination, Jack Herrod (Tom Bower), has remained in town although not as sheriff. He has fallen onto hard times and ill health. His two sons have stayed as well trying to eke out livings. The younger as a landscaper, Joel (Terrence Howard), working primarily for the doctor and the older, Carl, as an iconoclastic lawyer, who is having an affair with the doctors' wife (Vanessa Williams).

When a young school teacher, Rosie, moves to town she not only begins dating the Joel, but also joins John Malcoms wife in fighting the development. This sets in motion events that will draw all the parties together. Forcing them to make a choice about what is right and wrong and come face to face with the ghosts of their past.

The Cast So Far...

The Actors in Talks...


Coco LaRue said...

That's a fantastic cast! I can't wait!

Andrew said...

Great to see your site. I will be an "extra" in the film and blogging about it too.



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