Friday, April 27, 2007

Vances Continue Book Tour in Chicago

Angela and Courtney have reportedly taken a break from promoting their book, Friends: A Love Story to do other work. But they're continuing their booksignings in Chicago this weekend (April 28th & 29th)!

They'll be at Desiree Sanders' Afrocentric Bookstore Saturday and Sunday at 6pm with 'a love story' on their mind. If you happen to live anywhere close to the Windy City heres the address:

4655 S. King Drive
Be there with a copy of Friends this weekend!
If you need anymore information call the bookstore at: (773) 924-3966


Tacia said...

i'm so sad lol... This just reminds me of how badly I wanna go to chicago!

Cheese Biscuit said...

I purchased the book from Afrocentric several weeks ago but will be unable to attend the book signing. I'll be out of town (funeral).

I took my copy back to the store and asked if they can have it signed for me.

SiSi said...

O man CB, thats too bad. I'm glad you can still get it signed. My prayers go out to your family...

Cheese Biscuit said...

Thank you sisi.


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