Monday, April 2, 2007

Tyler Perry "Meet" Angela Bassett...

...Angela Bassett this is Tyler Perry.

We all know of the self-made millionare, Tyler Perry. I started going to his plays when I was 16 years old and I still cant get enough of his natural nitch for comedy. Perry started out as a playwright. Producing, directing and starring in his own plays, like I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Madea's Family Reunion, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and more recently Madea Goes to Jail. After his success on stage he claimed the movie screen with three box office smashes. Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea's Family Reunion, and Daddy's Little Girls were Perry's first films to hit theaters with a bang. But with Angela Bassett's help they wont be the last.

Perry is writing another adaptation of one of his plays and Bassett has announced she'll be a star in the project. The newest film is called Meet the Browns and Perry plans to start filming this July. According to Bassett the story is "sort of a city mouse-country mouse story," she says. "I’m the city mouse. I’m the sympathetic one."

*If my hunch is right, then this is the movie Deelishis said she would be playing Angela's daughter in. Either way this is exciting and I am seriously looking forward to more news on this film!

Here is a summary of the stage play:
MEET THE BROWNS is a family comedy that, despite the absurdity and uproarious antics, provides familiar themes that many viewers should be able to identify with. When Ol' Pop Brown dies at 107 years old, the family is hard-pressed to to meet the expense of the funeral. Eldest son L.B. and his wife Sarah--Pop's caretakers for 11 years--just aren't able to swing it with the $400 Pop left behind. Luckily there's Mi-Lay, their uppity relative who nonetheless takes care of the bill. As the family arrives for the funeral, the audience gets to know their quirks and eccentricities, and through all the arguments, infidelities and scatological humor, love still prevails.


Manda said...

The only role I can see Angie playing would be Sarah. That would also make sense with Deelishis, cause I think that was the only mother/daughter relationship in the play.

I am glad Angie is doing the movie. Hope it's something she can really show those skills we all want to see.

Tacia said...

I'm kinda concerned with some of these reality stars trying to act now. To be honest, Deelishis isn't the type I could see acting in a Tyler Perry movie, but rather "Soul Plane" or "Don't Be a Menis When Drinking Kool-Aid on ya Momma's Porch" or whatever that movie was called. And to act with Angela??? Again, if this is true, then he's just looking to sell tickets and not focus on the importance of the message the play conveyed. And that is NOT like Tyler. Just my two cents.

SimSim said...

Ok... let me give ya'll MY 2 cents. Tyler Perry movies and plays are often silly. I actually think its more appropriate for Deelishis to do this film rather than a serious drama with Angela. This film is way more believable. I still think that its just overly crazy for Deelishis to have absolutely no acting experience yet her first role is with the Angela Bassett. That is just wrong, but I can believe it if its in silly and outrageous, Meet the Browns.

The last cent goes to tell you two BassettHounds that I really dont hear any enthusiam in your writing about this new film. I swear ya'll need to remember why we are BassettHounds, we're supposed to be overly estactic. I know I am. ANGELA BASSETT IS BAAAAAAACK! And ya'll need to be slapped.

(hay that rhymes!)

Donnie said...

i feel thats a slap in the face because Angela Bassett is well known. compare to Deelishis who only had 15 minutes of fame. that how i feel but i hope this wouldnt mess with Angela 's career. i wish her the best as always.

Tacia said...

Thank you donnie!!!

We are bassetthounds, Simonique. I just don't think Deelishis should be in this movie. Hopefully it's another movie that she was talking about.

Donnie said...

i was tell like it is . i will still see the movie because im a BASSETTHOUND and a Tyler Perry fan. but beside that im not interested


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