Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Angela Meets Mildred

"I'm amazed with how they make you come to life"

Thanks to , check out a 60 second clip on Angela talking about her experience 'meeting' her character, Mildred.

Click the pictures to watch clip

Whats That Got to Do With it?
(Random News!)
View clips of recent Angela Bassett interviews!
  • Angie on the Today Show (Looking fab over 40) [source]
  • Angie and First Lady Laura Bush for Breast Cancer Awareness [source]
  • Angie on Hour of Power, Christian Television [source]
  • Angie and Courtney on Praise the Lord [source]
  • Angie and Courtney in The Dog House (be prepared, this is a very painful 'interview') [source]


Manda said...

Who is Angie kiddin with the "a little bottom heavy?" We all know she got junk in her trunk just like Mildred LOL

You had to put The Dog House on there didn't you? Yes it is very painful. I am forever scarred by that interview. Sorry Courtney!

SimSim said...

Manda I had to put that interview on there. If I didnt I'd feel like I was doing the readers of this blog no justice by holding out. I will never forget that interview, that is going to be a point of reference for all further BassettHound discussions. I'm sorry too Courtney!

Jerry said...

Hi Angela,

We met at the "The Best Man" premier in 1999. See my myspace link. I wondered how was your experience working with Disney. I have a young son who I'd love to see Meet the Robinsons. But, you probably know, the narrow diversity is trademark Disney!
Look forward to your response,


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