Saturday, March 10, 2007

Robert Townsend 'gives back' with New Film

"To bring a movie to Chicago has always been my dream, you know," said Townsend. "I mean, I've been in Los Angeles making movies for the longest and television shows, so this is something we want to continue."

Robert Townsend says "Of Boys and Men" is a film about conquering adversity. The West Side native is not only the executive producer, but the lead actor too.

"He is a father who just lost his wife, my wife is played by Angela Bassett in the film," said Townsend.

Victoria Rowell, formerly of "Young and The Restless" and "Diagnosis Murder" fame, plays Townsend's sister in the movie. Rowell's character helps her brother cope.

"We show the power of prayer in this movie," she said. "We're in difficult times right now, in the world and we're showing how the simplest thing, can be the most powerful.

Some living Chicago legends make cameos in the film, including V-103's Herb Kent, who plays a DJ. You'll see Chicago Bulls great, Norm Van Lier on the sidelines as a basketball coach. The movie's producers, directors and most of the actors are from Chicago.

The man who bank-rolled the hit movie "Hollywood Shuffle" on his credit cards, said bringing this film to Chicago is his way of giving back.

"It's making a movie, but it's also letting people know the possibilities," Townsend said.

Townsend has a shadow training program where young people on set are able to watch the crew, wardrobe and makeup artists to learn about the industry. "Of Boys and Men" will be in theatres in January 2008.


Manda said...

His dead wife! I hope she dies at the end of the film LOL. But seriously, please don’t tell me she only has a small part in this film. I hope we are not wasting Mrs. Angie B-V’s talent again.

SimSim said...

Dag, us BassettHounds are sooo in sync!! LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing. I'm really happy to see her in a new film, but its still not enough. For us, it'll never be enough though. :D

I just hope they show a whole lot of flashbacks to their mother/wife in the film and talk about how fine she was. (O wait thats for another movie and another time!!) LOL!


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