Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Meeting the Queen

I had the pleasure of not going to 1, but 2 book signings in which The Vance’s graced us with their presence. It was truly a wonderful experience and I want to thank Angela, Courtney and everyone else involved with the signings who helped make my dream come true that day.

Read about Manda’s book signing experience

Along with SimSim’s Fences experience

At 'Meeting the Queen'

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Coco LaRue said...

I'm not surprised, but I am *impressed* at how gracious she was at your meetings! Most celebs are nowhere near that accessible!

Tacia said...

my turn next!!!

Manda said...

Yeah coco, both of them were really down-to-earth. I am still trying to get over it LOL

And Tacia yours is going to be even better than ours. It can only get better from here.


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