Sunday, March 18, 2007

Love Those Frames

Tacia might pay attention to Angie B's choice of hairstyle, but Manda loves the choice of frames. Here is a small collection of the frames Mrs. Angie BV wears.


Tacia said...

HA! Yea I think I need to pick me up some Angie Frames!

SimSim said...

Ang really pulls off the 'studious' look well! I am definitely loving the frames. *I'm totally kicking my contacts to the side and picking up some fly glasses!!!

Coco LaRue said...

I would definitely rock those red ones.

Oh, and Angelamania is spreading. For my "Movie of the Week" group, I suggested "Malcolm X" and everyone is raving about Angela.

"I knew Denzel would be great, but the real revelation was Angela Bassett. She was amazing!"

Haha! I'm just doing my part.

SimSim said...

Aw Coco, you trying to take our job or something?!?! LOL! Naw but great suggestion, that movie is amazing and Angela was a serious surpriser!! Keep spreading the 'Angelamania' :D

Tacia said...

angelamania lol i like that. Great job coco!


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