Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Angela Bassett hosts 40+ Model Show

Co-host Angela Bassett added fuel to the crowd's fire. The actress, known for her roles in playing strong women, played pageant host for the women as they walked down the runway. As a new mother to one-year-old twins born to a surrogate the 48-year-old actress showed no signs of fatigue or stress, but instead looked resplendent in a white sheath dress. "It's the confidence," Bassett said. "In your 40s it's not something you have to work so hard at."

Angie B hosted More magazine's 7th annual 40+ model fashion show in New York City yesterday. She is pictured here with designer Carmen Marc Valvo, the Editor-in-Chief of More, and her husband, Courtney.

*pockets anyone?*


Manda said...

Beau-ti-ful! I only hope I can age half as good as this woman. I swear she looks better everyday.

Joe said...

It seems like a rare occasion when decent quality pictures of her are available online. It's not really fair.

SimSim said...

O yeah tell me about it, Joe. Its super hard trying to find her pictures with no logos and high resolution...psh! We're working with it though...


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