Monday, February 19, 2007

New Film: "Of Boys & Men"

The updates for this new film are coming slowly but surely. The plot of the film hasnt been announced yet but this is what we know for sure:
  • Filming is to begin March 6th in Chicago

  • Screenplay written by Michelle Amor, Starring Robert Townsend (both are Chicago, Illinois natives), and directed by Carl Seaton

  • Executive Producers are Shebeta Carter and Maisha Parsons (both of Anointed Harvesters Films), and Robert Townsend

  • "Of Boys & Men" is a family drama also starring Angela Bassett and Faizon Love

  • The project will also provide two training opportunities/internships in film.

    They are: Film Internship Training for interested persons between the ages of 16 and 21, and a Film Shadow Training program. The Shadow Training program is open to all ages. A stipend will be awarded for both programs.

    For more information contact Masequa Myers, Film Training Director at: 773/268-6775 or email:


Sim*Sim said...

I guess Ms. Chi Chi and Manda were right to rush meeting Ang and Court at the book tour. I get the feeling Ang is going to be MIA alot during the book tour.

For me, its all win-win:
I cant wait to meet Mr. Vance himself and Angela in a new movie is super exciting!

Manda said...

LOL yeah better safe than sorry I guess. And unlike some people think, I'm not gonna say any names, but I am excited to see Angie in a new movie. Can't wait to see more about this film.

Sim*Sim said...

Yeeeeeah right Manda. You're just excited to go to NYC and meet Ang. You couldnt care less about another film. LOL! joke, joke. I dont blame you though, I'd be all over that too.

I just cant wait to meet Court. He seems really cool. If I meet Ang again...I might get a brain aneurysm or something. LOL! Too...much...pressssure!!! LMAOOOOO!


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