Thursday, February 22, 2007

She's a busy-body...and we Love it!

Not even the Book Tour can keep our Angela from staying out-and-about! Courtesy of and, check out Angela at the Los Angeles Opening of "Wicked", yesterday (February 21st).

*Check out Angela and Halle Berry at the "Wicked" opening night over at [Platform/Launch/Action]


Sim*Sim said...

Ang ALWAYS looks good. Goodness shes beautiful.

But one question: I know its not cold in LA. Why is she layering her clothes like her body isnt to die for??

Do you know how many times you'd see my torso, my back, and all of my legs if I had Angela's body?? I guess its a good thing Angela has more class than me... :D

Tacia said...

you said it...not me LOL but yes it's the class that she is going for. the stella isn't out yet. it's the katherine! haha

Sim*Sim said...

Whatever man. I'm the Stella, you're the Katherine. When is the Stella gonna come out, darnit?? LOL! Wheres the skin??

Naw she looks great though, but its gonna be a different story when Stella makes her appearance. HA!

Manda said...

I like it. It’s sophisticated. Now all we need is the glasses and it’s right up my line. It’s no Mace, but I’ll take it LOL

Coco LaRue said...

This woman is ageless! She looks better every year!


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