Thursday, February 22, 2007

To Da Right, To Da Right

Question: Does Tacia notice some of the slightest patterns when it comes to Angela?
Answer: Sho' NUFF!

I was just scrolling through our blog and couldn't help but notice that lately...Angela's bang-swoop has been preferrably brushed across the right side of her face (excluding her oprah appearance). No matter if it's signing books for adoring fans, posing for the cameras on the red carpet and other glammed up events, or flashing those pearly whites for a magazine photoshoot, the hair is always... to da RIGHT!

Here are some past photos from the Blog:


Sim*Sim said...

Tacia...slap yourself. LMAOOOO! You are too silly for this one. Man watch us start posting all of the little nuances we catch of her. I still need to do a "Ang in front of Court" post or a "I call this the 'I dont feel like it' pose" because you know how she'll just stand and smile in front of the cameras sometimes. Not even do anything elaborate. :D

Tacia said...

i dont feel like it LOL!!! that is gonna be HILARIOUS!!!!

lilkunta said...

Please where do I get a list/itinerary of the places for the Friends book tour? I googled and came back with nada. I check out eharlequin but it only has the W28F & Th1Mar Ny dates. Thx.


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