Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Break" Me Off Some!

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Gimme a Break? Well Angela and Courtney sure needed one. And vacation they did,enjoying their "Caribbean Holiday Vorage" 14-day rountrip from the Big Apple on the luxurious Queen Mary 2!.
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Sim*Sim said...

I have to say this:

Anyone as happy as I am to see them matching?!?! LOL! They almost never match their outfits together. They're such individuals in that way, which is great. But come on, this is the cutest thing to see them both wearing lavenderish purple. :D

YAY for the Vances!

Manda said...

They have been doing that a lot lately with the book coming out I guess. Like on the Tavis Show they both had the blues. But yes, too cute.

Linda said...

Hey BassettHounds!

Found your site tracking links to my blog on Technorati. I loved that picture, and just had to post it. Your blog is smoking, and thanks for picking up my posting.

Tacia said...

We Thank you so much for posting the pic and info Linda! Thanks so much, it is a really cute picture


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