Monday, February 12, 2007

Upcoming TV Shows to Watch

The promotion for Friends: A Love Story is on! Finally Friends will be released and available in bookstores this wednesday. Angela and Courtney are celebrating the release with Oprah on her show and according to the preview commercial, little Bronwyn and Slater will also be on Oprah. This book is all in the family!

Heres the upcoming TV schedule for The Vances this month:
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show- Wednesday, Feb. 14th, 4pm, (check local listings)

  • The Tavis Smiley Show- Saturday, Feb. 17th, 12am, PBS

  • The View- Wednesday, Feb. 28, 10am, ABC


Coco LaRue said...

Maybe I'll actually watch "The View" for a change. I'm looking forward to Oprah, though.

S.Leslie. said...

Dido! Oprah gonna be good!

I'm NOT looking forward to watching "The View." The last time Angela and Courtney did an interview with Rosie, she called Ang's wedding ring "tacky" and mis-pronounced her last name.

This was back in 1996 when they were engaged. That Rosie chick better watch herself this time...

Anonymous said...

I hope to see this Oprah show on YouTube! I won't be able to see it at 4pm. I am sure you wonderful BassetHounds will post it!

S.Leslie. said...

When someone uploads clips from Oprah shows they're immediately deleted from youtube. I know someone that it happened to.

Instead you can get someone to record the show for you or catch the replay at 9pm. Let us know how it goes!

Katrina said...

I noticed that there are many clips of the Oprah show on YouTube. I think the trick is to not post the entire show. All I want to see is Angie & Courtney's segment.

S.Leslie. said...

Well it looks like Manda is going to have the Oprah segment for us on friday. That girl is a miracle-worker. I'm still in awe! ;-D


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