Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Cant Tell...

...whether this is a compliment or a really bad review. Either way I got a hearty chuckle from this Premiere Magazine review of Akeelah and the Bee:

As Akeelah's mother, single parent of four, grandmother at an early age, and a registered nurse, Angela Bassett is completely unbelievable. Take that to mean that she's literally not to be believed: no single mother in south L.A. with a full-time job, four kids and a grandbaby looks like Angela Bassett. Of all the believable black actresses who don't get enough work, why was Bassett of the gladiator biceps and glowing complexion the one to get this role? She's as proficient as ever, but her mere presence shatters any realism the movie might have earned.

*Geesh harsh! Its not her fault shes fine. Hay in this day and age, there are some very attractive Mommy's out there. Add Ang to that list, por favor.

1 comment:

Tacia said...

LMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that's all i can say! my goodness that is funny!!!


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