Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Book Signing at LA's Eso Wan Books!

If you were able to catch the happy couple during their recent visit to LA's Eso Wan Books then...why didn't you take us with you?!? LOL Here are a few pictures of Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance's meet and greet yesterday while signing their new book "Friends: A Love Story"!

Here they are explaining their first date (golfing)

Here are the fans that decided to leave me at home lol!

Aw...Angie B is happy to sign your copy of Friends!

Dont miss them in New York next week! Enjoy!


Sim*Sim said...

They're having waaaaay too much fun!!! Without us BassettHounds none-the-less!! LOL! This is great to see though!

Manda said...

I can see the 6 hour drive up to New York and right back to VA for class the next day will be worth it LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you Angela and Courtney. The book is amazing I stayed up and read the entire book, and the book signing was wonderful. It was great meeting the both of you.

Much Love

Ashlei Shyne

Coco LaRue said...

Maybe this happens with married couples, but isn't Courtney a little younger? He is looking a few years older than Angie in these pics... Then again, having two crying babies could age anyone. They look so happy, though!


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