Thursday, February 15, 2007

Whats That Got to Do With it?

Random News!

  • Angela and Courtney were celibate before marriage (not really news to us) [source]

  • Angie B Sightings:
    in a restaurant [source],
    at a restuarant with the whole family [source],
    at the video store [source],
    and showing her southern hospitality at another restaurant [source]

Ok now think of the best Angela Bassett news you could ever recieve. Just imagine what you'd want to here the most on this blog about Angie.....well you got it:

  • Angela is scheduled to star in two new films!
    One with Robert Townsend directing [source]
    One also starring Martin Sheen [source]

    *More news on these new films when it comes!

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